Get VZW Droid Maxx stock firmware, also for Droid Ultra/Mini

If you want to restore your Moto smartphone back to the original or unmodified software, then you need a stock Motorola firmware that contains Android OS, kernel, recovery, radio, etc. all of these are required by your device in order to work properly. A firmware is also needed for the Droid Maxx / Ultra / Mini users who mod their devices and wish to get a software update via OTA. As you may know, when you took an OTA update while running modified firmware the update process will be failed.These new Droid Family from Motorola constantly gets updated at the same time and to this day it has been getting software updates twice, the first is bring camera update while the second come with new OS upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat at the end of 2013, so there are three stock firmware available for Droid Maxx (XT1080M), Droid Ultra (XT1080) and Droid Mini (XT1030), however, sometimes new firmware will take a little longer to be available.

Get VZW Droid Maxx stock firmware also for Droid Ultra Mini

The following is a list of stock factory firmware for the new Droid family (2013) that you can download and then flash it to your phone using RSDLite or other flash tool. Make sure you choose the same firmware version as the one on your device, prevent a problem is easier than fix it.

UPDATE!! Previously, we could get a stock firmware download links from ““, however, now it seems that it have been removed. But we will continue to look for alternative links for you, the alternative site requires you to register to be able to see the links.

Sometimes the above stock firmware for the Droid Maxx / Ultra / Mini can not be used directly and still need your intervention, in most cases we need to remove a few command lines from the XML file that is zipped in the firmware you’ve downloaded.

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