Filehippo: 15 Best Alternatives in 2023

A popular destination for downloading software is When you want to use an earlier version of an application, the site makes it convenient for you to download and use it. It includes a library that has a wide selection of applications that does not contain any form of malware. Since its founding in 2004, it has been regarded as the most trustworthy and reputable website for the secure download of software by millions of users. Its database is fairly comprehensive, and it is frequently updated to accommodate newly released software. Although FileHippo is a reliable tool, one of its shortcomings is that the website does not permit downloading many files at once.

What is FileHippo?

FileHippo is a website that allows users to download various types of software for use on Windows-based computers. Back on FileHippo, the website contains sections that list the programs with the most recent updates and the most popular downloads. These sections are organized by category and provide information about the program as well as a link to it. On this website, registration is not required at any time.

The goal of is to give users the easiest manner possible for obtaining the most recent versions of the very finest software; this will be accomplished without the typical excessive popups or spyware, as well as without low-quality software. While FileHippo provides a direct download platform, those looking for in-depth information and reviews on various software can turn to for insights.

FileHippo Features

  • Only the very best software; our primary concern is quality rather than quantity.
  • Very quick servers with connections of 100 megabits per second, so that downloads are as quick as they can be.
  • If you update software and find that you don’t like the new version, you can always revert to the previous version because we keep all of the previous versions of the program.
  • The software does not contain any spyware or viruses in any way.
  • Filtering function that enables you to view just freeware and/or software that is not currently in beta.
  • Complete support for resuming interrupted downloads and for managing downloads using separate programs.
  • Change log as well as technical information regarding downloads.
  • RSS feeds for each program, as well as all of the updates and categories.
  • New download servers for the United States and Europe
  • Pages that have been optimized to load more quickly.

Software Submission to FileHippo

We do not accept submissions of software from publishers at this time. The site is designed with the user in mind, and we conduct daily research into the software industry to identify popular programs to include.

Here are some alternatives to FileHippo that you could find more appealing to use, whether you feel that FileHippo does not live up to your expectations or you simply want to experiment with something new.

FileHippo Alternatives


On our list of possible alternatives to FileHippo, MajorGeeks comes in first. It is an excellent software download portal that provides access to a wide variety of apps. In addition to that, it provides valuable technical information and has outstanding support for customers. Every piece of software found on MajorGeeks has been brought up to date. The platform will assist you to understand the software in its entirety so that you can better comprehend what you are downloading. The system works well with specialized applications as well as earlier versions of the most widely used programs that are now available. You will find evaluations of both hardware and software, as well as technical support and a sizable collection of downloadable software. The nicest aspect about MajorGeeks is that if you have a problem or concern, you can directly contact the proprietors of the company, which is a feature that FileHippo does not have. Since its establishment in 1999, MajorGeeks has been an extremely supportive community, with a focus on bringing together members that are knowledgeable about technology. Whenever you are having trouble with any aspect of technology, they will provide support and guidance to help you. The portal provides IT professionals and technicians with a variety of materials and tools. This platform labels downloads to indicate if they are open-source, freeware, or bundleware so that you are aware of what to anticipate. The term “bundleware” refers to software that, once installed, will prompt you to install further software on your personal computer. MajorGeeks frequently links to authors’ websites if those sites are available. They are also able to provide direct download links from the creators’ websites, providing you the option to get the software either directly from the developer or MajorGeeks.


Ninite is a well-known software installer that, in contrast to FileHippo, supports numerous simultaneous software installations. It saves you time by automating the download and installation processes that you normally have to go through. Ninite maintains a database of software, which includes a variety of tools for software developers, web browsers, documents, media, utilities, messaging, security, and compression, as well as other types of software. It will provide you with all of the most recent software versions by routinely updating its database. You can locate well-known programs such as iTunes, WinRAR, Microsoft Office, and many others, as well as less well-known ones. Additionally, the platform will automatically install any essential upgrades on your personal computer, removing any need for concern on your part. Ninite is compatible with computers running macOS, Windows, and Linux. On a single page of the website, all of the software is listed. To download software, all you need to do is navigate to the platform and choose the files you want to be saved to your computer. Simply click the “Get Your Ninite” button to give your computer permission to download the installer and personalize it according to your preferred settings for the software. After you have executed the installer, the software that you have chosen to install will be installed. The most advantageous feature of Ninite is that it will download software directly from the developer’s website, hence removing any possibility of malicious software being installed on your computer. During the software installation procedure, it does not require a reboot either. Ninite is a time saver because there are no toolbars or viruses to worry about, in addition to the fact that it is free, easy, and elegant to use. Ninite can be used for free, especially on a home computer. On the other hand, there is a version of Ninite called Ninite Pro that you can use for business purposes. With this version, you will be able to oversee the installation of patches and updates for your browser software. The Pro bundle includes many amazing goods that are suitable for businesses that have a variety of pricing strategies.


FileHorse is an extensive repository of free software that provides a variety of options that are both original and trustworthy. This website performs in-depth safety checks on all of its products and facilitates incredibly quick downloads. It grants access to a database that can be searched and contains hundreds of thousands of programs in their most recent editions. Utilizing the search button makes it simple to obtain the desired piece of software. After you have made your decision, it will be downloaded to your personal computer within a few minutes. It is distinguished from FileHippo by its comprehensive and one-of-a-kind features, which include games, wallpapers, ringtones, and other utilities. The goods that FileHorse offers are continuously modernized using the company’s most recent versions. It provides user reviews and ratings in addition to the software itself so that you can have access to the greatest options. FileHorse is a wonderful resource to have at your disposal whether you are searching for a unique assortment of software or the quickest downloads possible.


Softpedia is a comprehensive online encyclopedia that covers almost every software and driver category imaginable. Are you searching for an anti-virus program, a desktop enhancer, tools for iPods, games, multimedia, a tweak, Windows widgets, system tools, network tools, drivers, plugins, web scripts, file managers, internet tools, programming tools, DVD authoring tools, or other tools in these categories? All of them can be found on Softpedia. In contrast to FileHippo, this site provides not just software evaluations but also other materials such as editorials, interviews, and articles in addition to program recommendations. This is the place to be if you are looking to immerse yourself in the information that is not related to software in any way. In-depth assessments of many television shows, movies, and other media are included among the timely and topical issues. The interface of Softpedia is simple to use and easy to navigate. Malware is not present in any of its goods. My favorite part of Softpedia is the Guides area, which includes in-depth instructions on a variety of subjects including the creation of custom WordPress themes, the configuration of virtual private networks (VPNs), and other related topics. The content contained in these manuals has been meticulously researched and verified by qualified professionals. Every piece of software comes with user reviews and a list of prerequisites. You will be able to locate software in any version by utilizing the advanced search feature. In general, there is something on Softpedia that will interest everyone, and it is free. You can download applications onto your mobile devices, as well as Linux, Windows, and Mac computers.


Softonic is a browser-based platform that provides users with access to more than 110,000 unique virtual delights that come in a variety of flavors. Its products are complete without cost, within the law, and authentic. Throughout its history, Softonic has accumulated the largest fan base, with more than one hundred million users registering for the website every month. Shareware, freeware, and trial versions of the software are all classed by Softonic according to the type of application and the operating system requirements. Because of the way it is categorized, it is one of the oldest websites that has the most downloads. The most up-to-date programs and software are made available through the platform. In contrast to FileHippo, it possesses a one-of-a-kind software comparison tool that enables users to select the superior application from among two equivalent programs. The reaction that Softonic has received has been the most favorable compared to that of the other FileHippo options on this list. Both the explanations of the software and the reviews of it are written in a variety of languages. Apps for downloading software are available for use on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows through Softonic. In addition to software, the most recent versions of technology typically include updated versions of games and instructional resources. Additionally, it features a community forum that you can join to receive assistance with any software. You won’t discover any low-quality software on Softonic; we only sell the best. If you are a fan of gaming, you should look through its game library to find your preferred gaming applications. Utilize the search filter to search for products according to the platform, version, licensing, or operating system. It even provides a list of the most downloaded apps to assist you in making a decision as quickly as possible.


It’s hard to find a better software download platform than SnapFiles. It features a repository that is accessible through the internet and organized into many categories, such as the most recent downloads, portable applications, editor’s pick, top 100, shareware, freeware, etc. You will have an easier time sifting through all of them to find the one you want. This website, in contrast to FileHippo, provides a specialized page from which users can download only portable versions of various software. SnapFiles chooses the best, highest-rated products and makes them available for free to its users. The technical specialists provided by the platform examine the software products and do scans on them to ensure that they are clean of viruses, malware, and adware. New software releases are made available regularly, and the site provides a description, review, user ratings, and editor ratings for every piece of software that may be downloaded. You can save time while looking for the program you want to use by using the search option, which will go through all of the categories. SnapFiles can assist you in avoiding the trouble and inconvenience of installing software if it is something you would prefer to avoid.


The dashboard of Filepuma is the tidiest, well-organized, and easiest to use of any other service. It monitors software to ensure that all of its components are accessible and available when needed. Free automatic updates are provided for any program you purchase from the website, ensuring your computer’s continued protection against known vulnerabilities. Filepuma is a dependable source for freeware as well as shareware. It gives the software of a high standard that is free of malware and has a rapid download process. Each piece of software includes a description, a list of its most important features, and earlier versions. You can look for software in an uncomplicated manner using the categories that are supplied thanks to its search panel.

You’ll discover the most recently released updates and the software that’s been downloaded the most frequently at the top of the page. The software update detector on this device helps to ensure that your tool is always up to date. You are able to get free downloads of all of its software. In addition to that, it features a news section, as well as tutorials and other educational resources pertaining to software. In addition to this, it provides help in multiple languages, making it accessible to users who do not know English. All of the software items that can be found on Filepuma have been gathered together from its mainstream employees. Overall, this website is superior to FileHippo because of its unmatched search categorization, which makes it easier for users to look for the application they need.


DownloadCrew is well-known for carefully selecting all of its software by hand to ensure that none of it contains any unwanted junkware. It is a reliable website that always has the most recent software and provides consistent product updates. You will be able to make use of its comprehensive assortment of the most widely used and up-to-date free software. The download crew takes the time to describe and evaluate each of the company’s items. Customers also analyze them in order to assist you in removing any uncertainties. DownloadCrew provides you with a variety of options by providing not just free software but also a list of other software that is quite comparable. You won’t have any trouble searching for and locating the item you’re looking for thanks to its user-friendly UI. In contrast to Downloadcrew, FileHippo does not offer support for the Linux operating system. A list of featured software that has received the most downloads can be found at the very top of the site. Use the advanced filter to narrow down your search using the categories, licensing, and popularity criteria if you are unable to locate what you require using the standard filters. Customers have provided overwhelmingly good feedback regarding the software, indicating that the website is extremely secure. It is compatible with iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, as well as Linux, Mac, and Windows. You will be aware of the licensing structure of the software you are about to download, including whether it is open-source, freeware, a trial version, or paid. A news section that includes the most recent software changes is included. Additionally, DownloadCrew provides best-selling software at steep price reductions.


The website SourceForge is a reliable resource for commercial and open-source software. It is equipped with a development tool that has been responsible for the creation of over 500,000 open-source projects. In addition, the website provides evaluations of a diverse range of business and information technology applications. SourceForge is an all-inclusive platform that makes every kind of software accessible to its users. In contrast to FileHippo, this website does not host any software from a third party. It comes equipped with a ticker that can identify software on developer sites. It gives you the link to the mirror so that you can download the original product. The software can be located and downloaded right away thanks to the platform’s user interface, which is both user-friendly and distinctive. It provides you with a filtering tool that assists you in accelerating the software search process. SourceForge is a central location for IT experts who wish to create new software, download existing software, and provide feedback on it. The review area of this website is packed with a wealth of information that will assist you in making a snap decision regarding the piece of software that you need to acquire. This competitor to FileHippo also enables software developers to sell their products by uploading their code and software to the platform to sell their products. They can exhibit their software projects in the marketplace on SourceForge to entice people to purchase their products.

CNET Download 

Another well-known software distribution platform is CNET Download, which also has an affiliated website called It is an effective software download site that does not have any malware or viruses in the program that can be downloaded. It offers free software, together with regularly updated versions of that program. The system is equipped with thousands of software titles, including programs, movies, games, photography tools, applications, mobile apps, and other types of software. Additionally, it offers video games for the Windows operating system. Since its inception in 1996, it has consistently ranked as one of the most popular websites for the distribution of malware-free software. It enables quick downloading, consistent updates, comprehensive product reviews complete with screenshots, and user ratings for applications. Its news and review sections are both extremely extensive, and CNET provides support for the technology news. The directory has a category for free software where all of their desktop applications are mentioned. In contrast to FileHippo, this website is compatible with both Android and iOS. You may anticipate safe, secure, and high-quality items with CNET integration, including security patches, games suitable for beginners as well as professionals, and mobile applications. You can get trials or demo versions of all of these things. The platform does not provide a premium version or software that has been completely registered. Free software downloads are available for use on a variety of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. provides a large quantity of high-quality, free software that can be used for either personal or commercial purposes. There will be no toolbars, spyware, or adware installed. Since its inception 15 years ago, the platform has been providing users with licenses for both commercial and exclusive award-winning software. In addition to that, it is a website that accepts very few donations and offers freeware that is tailored to the user’s specific needs. Since 2005, has been sustained solely by the philanthropic contributions of its user base. Numerous utilities, such as screenshot capture and other Windows applications, smartphone and tablet applications, online apps, and so on are all developed in-house by specialists in the relevant fields. In addition, the portal offers free license keys and video demonstrations of the functionality of a variety of software products. This platform, in contrast to FileHippo, offers one-of-a-kind software that is supplied by developers who are friends of the site. As a result, you have the opportunity to experiment with something different. On this website, you will discover one-of-a-kind software applications that you were previously unaware even existed. Members of the platform publish their creations and provide demonstrations of how to use them. will provide each user that contributes new software to the site, whether it be a game, an application, a utility, or something else entirely, with a free coffee mug in exchange. You can discuss any problems you’re having with the software on the many forums that are available at In addition to that, it provides editorials in the form of mini-reviews, daily blogs, monthly newsletters, and more. Donations can be made by users, and in return, they will obtain credits that they can then hand out to the site’s authors. It is one of the safest websites that lets you read through its privacy policy before providing any personal information.

Software Informer

Software Informer is a website that is owned by a multinational firm that specializes in the software and programming industries. It maintains a collection of highly rated applications and pieces of software that have been hand-picked and evaluated by industry professionals. In addition to offering free downloads of software, the site is also a reliable source of information regarding software. In addition to that, it has an automated system that can download and install software updates as soon as they are made available. In contrast to FileHippo, Software Informer features a one-of-a-kind profile-building system that enables users to make their own software profiles. Your profile gives you the option to preserve any and all applications and information that you would like to keep. You will also be able to discover new programs, ask questions, receive updates, and share your thoughts and comments.


Another option to FileHippo that provides users with the ability to download popular software for free is FOSSHUB. It includes software in a variety of categories, such as backup tools, audio players, antimalware, browsers, codec packs, developer tools, disc analyzers, email clients, encryption, file extractors, financial applications, firewalls, file sharing, graphic applications, game emulators, FTP clients, media players, and many more. In contrast to FileHippo, this website also functions as a stage on which programs can present and discuss their work with the rest of the globe. It offers a straightforward user interface, and its files are neatly arranged under a wide variety of headings. Surprisingly, the user interface just has one advertisement provided by the site managers; there is no spyware, adware, or malware present. Free and open-source software is the only kind of file that is listed on FOSSHUB. They intend to provide you with additional options so that you can better filter the results to match your preferences. This platform is trustworthy and reliable, and it only displays software that is free of viruses and malware. Both its servers are located all over the world and the sites themselves are geared to load extremely quickly. You won’t be redirected anywhere else while using the links to download that is provided on this website. Ratings and comments left by users are also accessible here. All of the software files have been brought up to date and offer support for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. In addition, FOSSHUB has a section under “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) to address any questions or issues you might have. In any other case, you can get in touch with their support team through the contact page on their website.


BytesIn is a platform of the next generation, boasting both superior quality and the availability of cost-free software downloads. In comparison to FileHippo’s, its user interface is more straightforward, uncluttered, and well-organized. It is risk-free and dependable, and it offers a comprehensive collection of software that is neatly arranged. There are lists of new software, the top 20 downloads, and the week’s finest software located on the left and in the middle of the page, respectively. On the far right, you’ll find a list of the available categories, which include things like “education,” “drivers,” “antivirus and spyware,” “audio and video,” “desktop utilities,” “business and office,” “internet,” “photo and graphic,” “system utilities,” “security,” “network tools,” and “servers,” among other things. There is also an articles area that includes how-to tips and the most recent technological news. In addition, BytesIn displays the ratings and reviews that users have left for the software. In addition, there are gaming tools and applications for both iOS and Android. BytesIn provides you with the highest-quality, most up-to-date software and contains a large number of resources that are related to technology that can help you get by. It is risk-free and secure, and it provides straightforward and brisk download speeds.

 Full Free Software

Freeware applications are available on the Full Free Software platform. You won’t stumble upon any cracked software or shareware on this website. One-click is all it takes to get to the desired file for you to look over. Full Free Software only hosts original versions of software that have not been compromised in any way by viruses or other malicious software. The site conducts individual checks on each of the products to guarantee that they are risk-free to download. Additionally, it guarantees a secure and risk-free environment for the downloading of software. Downloads for free are available from Full Free Software, in contrast to the trial versions provided by FileHippo. The homepage features recent news and articles, as well as categories and a few links to popular software that users can download. In addition, there are tabs for any and all downloads, giveaways, games, software, downloads of OS systems, mobile apps, tools, and tutorials. You will be able to find the appropriate program or software for your requirements by clicking on a tab. The courses offer several solutions to problems encountered when downloading software. In the event that you run into any problems, the support team is available to provide assistance to you.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, Softonic is the best option for FileHippo on this particular list. In spite of being browser-based, it offers more than 110,000 unique software titles across a variety of categories. The things are authentic, and you can get them without paying anything. The site makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s an alternative or a free product, by classifying them. Its goods are always up to date, and the vast majority of them are compatible with a variety of operating systems. Join the Softonic forum to acquire additional information regarding your software. You’ll also access its educational resources to educate yourself with the latest technology and other software-related news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FileHippo site safe?

The site is geared toward the end user, and we conduct daily research on the software industry to identify popular programs to include. In addition, FileHippo employs the usage of SSL encryption to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your connection to the site.

What is FileHippo App Manager?

FileHippo App Manager was a free software updater that was formerly known as Update Checker. It was capable of scanning your computer for outdated software, comparing the results to its own collection of freeware available at, and then allowing you to download the most recent version of the software directly to your computer from within the program itself.

Is getting into a PC safe?

Get Into PC is a website that allows users to download software, games and other forms of digital content in a secure and authorized manner. Since 2004, users have had access to this website, which features an extensive material archive that may be downloaded at their convenience. Get into PC is also one of the few websites that allow customers to test out the software or games for free before making a purchase.

Can FileHippo be trusted?

Yes. The website Filehippo is user-friendly and tidy, and it allows users to download a wide variety of well-known software titles. No malicious software or other problems have ever affected me in any way. The website is intuitive to navigate and features a solid news section as well.

Can I download Windows 10 for free?

Windows 10 can be freely downloaded and installed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a product key from Microsoft. It is expected that it will continue to function normally well into the foreseeable future, with the exception of a few minor cosmetic constraints. After you have installed Windows 10, you will have the option to pay to upgrade to a licensed version of Windows 10.

Which website is best for software download?

Most Trustworthy Websites to Download Free Software for Windows:

  • Softpedia
  • MajorGeeks
  • FileHippo
  • Download Crew
  • FileHorse
  • FilePuma
  • SnapFiles
  • The Microsoft Store
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