Grab the latest LG G4 Drivers for Windows and Mac OS X


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Just like the other devices, your Mac or Windows computer also requires a driver to be able to communicate with LG G4 via micro USB cable. Device driver is pieces of software that introduce the phone to the computer OS, without it your phone won’t be recognized. The main purpose connecting the phone to a computer is to exchange contents, but it also necessary to perform some mods like obtaining root access, flash custom recovery, unlock the bootloader, etc.


The 2015 LG flagship Android smartphone – LG G4 has been unveiled and ready to compete with the other flagship phone, including the new Samsung Galaxy S6 family. Just like its predecessor – LG G3, the G4 is going to be one of the most popular Android smartphones this year, and will likely to receive lots of support from the developers. So we can expect superuser access sometime soon and several custom ROMs.

LG G4 Related Mods

There are several ways to get the USB drivers for LG G4, the first way is through LG PC Suite app which available for Windows (XP or higher) and Mac OS (Snow Leopard or newer). With this desktop app you can sync the phone contents to the PC, when you install PC Suite, the required drivers are also installed automatically.

Download LG G4 Drivers only for Windows and Mac OS X

1LG United Mobile DriverWindows 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
3LG United Mobile MacMac OS X
4Visual C++
Libraries (Optional)

Note: For Windows users, you might need install Microsoft Visual C++ libraries when the device isn’t properly recognized by the computer.


For those who only need a driver then the LG PC Suite seems a bit excessive, considering that the file size is too large, more than 200MB for Windows and more than 100MB for Mac OS X. For that reason, many users prefer the standalone LG G4 drivers which have smaller file size, so it only uses a minimal space on your hard drive.

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