HTC One M9 stock recovery to take an official OTA update

A stock recovery for HTC One M9 is necessary when you want to install an official software update from HTC. The stock recovery doesn’t have complete features just like the well-known custom recoveries like TeamWin (TWRP) and ClockworkMod (CWM) which can be used to flash a root package and a custom ROM. However, to flash an official OTA update from HTC, only stock recovery can do it right.

HTC One M9 stock recovery to take an official OTA update1

That’s why a lot of people said that you need to perform a backup before any modifications, including backup the stock recovery before replacing it with the custom one. But most people skip it and think that it’s not necessary since they already have more powerful recovery. But they will soon realize his mistake when a new OTA update has come and then looking for stock recovery that compatible with their own HTC One M9 models.

If you are one among those who have not had time or fail to do a backup, you can download the HTC One M9 stock recovery in this page, it’s mostly for US models like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and also the international model (Europe and Asia).

Download HTC One M9 stock recovery from official ROM

Restoring recovery back to stock is not too difficult, but for those who never try it, this procedure might seem difficult.

To that end, here we provide easy steps to complete the task:

  1. A stock recovery commonly has ‘.img’ extension, so when you download a “.zip” package, you need to extract it first.
  2. Go to the fastboot/adb folder, then put the img file there. Open a Windows command CMD (Shift + right-click > Open command window here) from within the folder.
  3. Install the M9 drivers, and connect it to your computer.
  4. Turn off the phone and put it to fastboot mode (Choose Fastboot menu from bootloader mode).
  5. Type the following command:

fastboot flash recovery RecoveryFile.img

Note: change the ‘RecoveryFile’ with your own recovery name.

  • Once flashing done, reboot the phone. You can also do it by running following fastboot command.

fastboot reboot

  • Now your M9 should ready for an official OTA update from HTC.
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