How to unroot LG G Flex (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc) – the easy way

The first thing that is done by an Android enthusiast after purchasing a new device is searching a method to get it rooted, and we also believe that there is many rooted G Flex. In most cases, they need a superuser access mainly to removing carrier’s bloatware apps or modify the phone’s UI. However, not a few of them decided to unroot their LG G Flex for various reasons.

How To Unroot LG G Flex ATT Sprint T Mobile Etc – The Easy Way 1

The main reason to unroot is to take an official update, when we are rooted then downloading and updating software via OTA, mostly we would get into trouble. Another reason why we need to unroot our LG G Flex is when we want to bring back our device to get a warranty or to get it repaired.

If you use an IOroot script to get root on G Flex (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.), then automatically you will use a Chainfire’s SuperSU as superuser management. The SuperSU is the most popular su management app, most rooted Android phones have this app installed. The popularity that owned by this app is not without reason, it has many great features that are not owned by other similar apps, one of which is a full unroot feature, which useful to remove su binaries including root management app itself.

This guide is specifically for those who run the official stock rooted ROM, in case you are running custom ROMs or kernels, this simple method would not work to restore to stock. You have to undertake other method by flashing a stock firmware (*.TOT) over your phone

How to LG G Flex unroot by using SuperSU- the fastest way

  • Go to the Play Store, and make sure you have the latest version of SuperSU installed.
  • Open it from app drawer.
  • Go to the settings tab, scroll down till you find a Full Unroot option, then tap it.
  • A confirmation message will pop up, just hit continue.

Once cleaning successful, your LG G Flex should unrooted now, any apps that need su privileges will fail to work.

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