Get Android Wear USB ADB Drivers (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360) – and how to properly install it

An USB driver required in order to make your computer recognize your Android Wear devices (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live or Moto 360) when connected via the USB cable. Under certain conditions, Windows might automatically download and install the wearable device drivers for you once it’s attached to the USB port, but the drivers most likely not the latest one. USB drivers are also one of the main requirements if you wish to make use of ADB, which is required to gain root, unlock the bootloader or flash a ROM in wearable devices.

Unlike the other Android devices, we can use the Google USB drivers for Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360, we can get the inside the Android SDK folder. However, we will not find any executable installer there, you will only see files like,, android_winusb.inf and several *.dll files. All of these files must be installed manually through the Windows’ Device Manager.

Get Android Wear USB ADB Drivers LG G Watch Samsung Gear Live And Moto 360 – And How To Properly Install It 1

Download the Android Wear (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live or Moto 360) USB and ADB drivers

You can download Android wear (360 Moto, LG G Watch and Gear Live) USB drivers via links below, we also provide a brief guide on how to properly install it on your Windows computer.

For those who do not know how to install the above package, or your devices are still not recognized by your computer.

  1. After downloading the Google Android SDK USB drivers or package, then extract it on your computer’s hard drive.
  2. Connect your wearable devices to the PC thru the provided USB cable.
  3. Now open Windows’ Device Manager, your device should listed on “Other devices” menu. Highlight your device, then right-click, then choose “Update Driver Software…”.
  4. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  5. Point to a folder where you extract the Android SDK or Google Drivers package.
  6. On common hardware type, select ”Android Device”.
  7. After that, choose Google Inc., then Android Composite ADB Interface.


  • If your LG G Watch, Moto 360 or Samsung Gear Live detected as “Android ADB Interface” on Device Manager you should uninstall the associated driver and plug it again.
  • You might also need to uninstall the associated driver, when on Step 6 you see “Samsung Android Phone” instead of “Android Device”, and also can’t find the Android Composite option.
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