Sprint Galaxy Note 3: root MJ4 update by using Kingo app

Sprint Galaxy Note 3 got a software update to MJ4 last month, the update only brings a couple of enhancements/fixes: improved call audio and Samsung keyboard handwriting mode. As we know the call quality on this device is complained by its users, so if you frequently make calls then this update is essential for you. But take a software update is a tough choice for rooted users, since they will lose root privileges on their Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 after applying the MJ4 software version, and there is no guarantee that there will be a new root method that will work for MJ4 software version.

Sprint Galaxy Note 3 Root MJ4 Update By Using Kingo App

However, this time I think we should update our devices to N900PVPUBMJ4 build, since we can regain root on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 running MJ4 software version using Kingo Android root, a desktop software running on the Windows OS, so we need to install it on our Windows-based PC, but still no love for Mac or Linux. The Kingo is a desktop application which can be downloaded for free and it isn’t only work for our device, the app also managed to achieve root for the VZW Galaxy Note 3 with latest software version (MJ7).

There are no special requirements to run the Kingo app even a novice users also can work with it, the app will do every little thing automatically, including driver installation (if you haven’t set it up) and picking the right root exploit, so we just need to wait for a few minutes and let Kingo do the rest. Listed here is the step by step on How to Sprint Galaxy Note 3 root with MJ4 software version by using Kingo Android root app:

  1. Setup Galaxy Note 3 device drivers, this is a prerequisite for your smartphone to be able to communicate with a PC. Installing drivers can also be done automatically by Kingo during the connecting process.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your smartphone, almost all root tool requires you to connect with USB Debugging enabled in order to make the tool work properly.
  3. Download the latest version of Kingo Android root from here, and handle the installation.
  4. Now launch the Kingo app from the desktop, you will get a command to connect your device.
  5. Connect the Note 3 to the PC thru stock USB cable and wait for the app to recognize your device.
  6. If the device has been recognized, the app will show your device model number and root status.
  7. Now hit the root button to start rooting.
  8. Kingo will show a success message when there’s no error during the process. Your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 with MJ4 software should rooted now, verify it by using Titanium Backup.
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