Reclaim root after updating Verizon Galaxy S4 to I545VRUFNG6

A new software update with software version I545VRUFNG6 for Verizon Galaxy S4 was already released about a week ago, but there a few users who just get it today. When an update comes, typical users users may want to know what’s changed, if there are any new features or bug fixes, but for an Android enthusiast, they will surely find out whether the new update is the root-friendly, or we would have a trouble to regain root access, since it will be wiped after software update installation performed.

Reclaim root after updating Verizon Galaxy S4 to I545VRUFNG6

The NG6 software could be a significant update, since it brings plenty of changes, although there is no OS upgrade as the Android version still shows Android 4.4.2 KitKat. There are several improvements and a bug fix that was placed in VRUFNG6 update for VZW Galaxy S4, such as better messaging app connectivity, more accurate AOL mail accounts, Bluetooth and voicemail reliability. In addition to that, Samsung also updates the Knox to version 2.0 for enterprise support.

Now we can reclaim root after updating Verizon Galaxy S4 to I545VRUFNG6. Thanks to XDA senior member – muniz_ri who found a way to regain superuser access with kernel-downgrade method.

Regain root VZW Galaxy S4 runs NG6 update

The downgrade method has been applied to several other Samsung smartphones such as the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S4. It’s easy and safe to accomplish this, we only need to flash an old kernel and use towelroot. Here are some things that need to be prepared:

  • Towelroot-friendly kernel from NC5 firmware, the kernel has a build date before June 3rd.
  • Improved towelroot v3 app.
  • The stock NG6 kernel (latest).
  • Odin3 flash tool, sadly it only works with Windows OS.
  • Samsung OEM USB cable.
  • Make sure you download the required files directly from muniz_ri’s thread on xda.

The guide has been explained in muniz_ri’s thread, but if you feel it’s hard to understand, here we wrote the overview:

  1. Update your VZW GS4 to the latest software (NG6), your phone will be unrooted afterwards.
  2. Download the customized towelroot v3 app only from muniz_ri thread.
  3. Turn off then boot the phone into the Download Mode (Home + Vol down + Power), when you notice a warning screen just select continue.
  4. Run Odin3 app on your phone, connect the phone into a PC via USB cable.
  5. On Odin3 click PDA/AP button, then point to NC5 kernel (tar.md5).
  6. Instal towelroot and hit ‘make it ra1n’ button.
  7. Once done, flash back the kernel to NG6 with Odin3.
  8. Done, your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 running I545VRUFNG6 update should rooted now.
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