Easy one click: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 official KitKat root, I535VRUCNC1 baseband

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-I535) finally follows the other variants which already got official KitKat, the Android 4.4.2 update come with I535VRUCNC1 software version. No doubt, it will make its users pleased, since the latest version of Android helps make this smartphone (which was released more than two years ago) looks more up-to-date. But there’s a one thing that you should think about, immediately after upgrading your Verizon Galaxy S3 to KitKat (NC1), root access will be dropped.

Samsung Galaxy S3 official KitKat root I535VRUCNC1 baseband1

Being afraid of losing root privileges, many folks are deciding to postpone updating their phones to Android 4.4.2 and choose to wait until there’s a confirmation that the superuser can also work on the new software. This afraidness is not entirely bad, but you have missed an update that brings major OS upgrade, several enhancements and also bug fixes.

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Now you don’t have to wait again, just update your VZW Galaxy S3 to official KitKat (I535VRUCNC1) right now, since root can easily obtained by using a one-click app by geohot, he called it Towelroot. The dev invites all android device owners who do not have superuser privileges to “joining party” by trying this dead easy yet powerful app.


  • Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone for Verizon Wireless and runs the latest KitKat update (NC1).
  • Get the latest version of geohot’s towelroot apk (tr.apk) file.
  • Install superuser management app, but do not run it. There are many apps available, but only SuperSU that works with towelroot.
  • Unknown sources settings need to be enabled in order to install the geohot’s tool.

Verizon Galaxy S3 official KitKat root (Android 4.4.2 Baseband I535VRUCNC1).

Perform backup before following the steps below, just in case.

  1. Find the apk (tr.apk) file you’ve downloaded before, then install it.
  2. Once installation has completed, find and run towelroot. After the app popped, just click the ‘make it ra1n’.
  3. The towel tool will make an effort to gain superuser privileges on this phone.
  4. Now run SuperSU, in the beginning, it will attempt to update/install su binaries. Soon after installation carried out, your VZW Galaxy S3 runs KitKat update should be ready for root. Don’t forget to donate to the devs.
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