Root DROID RAZR M running latest Jelly Bean OTA

Recently Verizon Wireless has announced the availability of new software updates via OTA for the DROID RAZR M, with Software Version 98.15.66.XT907.Verizon.en.US (Jelly Bean) which is actually a maintenance update, so there’s no OS update is offered. Though it is a minor update, but Motorola encourages you to set up this update in order to resolve some of the problems and to boost overall device’s performance, for example better Wi-Fi connectivity, improved voice volume, the new camera features, streaming video pixelation fix, and many others.

Restore Droid RAZR M XT907 to stock factory firmware and Unroot it2 1

Maybe there are some users who still think twice before accept this update, worrying that the latest OTA JB will get rid of the root access on Motorola RAZR M. However it’s true, once you install the update after that the root exploits that installed on your device might be deleted, but we can still restore the lost root by executing the hottest exploits from djrbliss – Motochopper, which is an update of Motofail2Go exploit.

Here is a quick step to get root on the Motorola DROID RAZR M with latest version 98.15.66.XT907.Verizon.en.US OTA (Android Jelly Bean) using Motochopper exploit tool.

  1. Update RAZR M device drivers to the latest version, you should do this in case the tool doesn’t recognize your phone.
  2. Do not forget to enable USB Debugging and Unknown sources on the phone’s Settings.
  3. Grab Motochopper tool on djrbliss’s thread here (mirror), save and extract it.
  4. Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable, and ensure your device is recognized by your computer.
  5. Open the extracted folder, and double-click on “run.bat”, a new CMD window will arise.
  6. Pay attention to the rooting process, to guarantee that there are no unnoticed error messages.
  7. If the process runs smoothly and the tool shows a success message, then your DROID RAZR M should rooted now.
  8. Check if the Superuser app is installed, if it can be found open the app and immediately update the root binaries.

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