AT&T HTC First: How to root and install custom recovery

It didn’t require much time for the new HTC First to achieve root, as previously mentioned this Facebook phone has been backed up by HTCDev for unlocking bootloader. At the same time, custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) for this device has also been available, so we just need to flash a root exploit, thanks to the developers especially for Flyhalf205, a dev from xda who port ClockworkMod (CWM) and TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) for HTC First.


Unlike Motorola or Sony devices, there’s no one-click root method for HTC devices. We have to go through a number of procedures, such as obtain Unlock_code.bin via, then flash it to unlock the device’s bootloader, followed by flash a custom recovery and the last one is flash a root exploit.

Here is a guide for anyone who wish to get root on HTC First.

    1. Request and grab Unlock_code.bin from HTCDev, this file would need to unlock our Android phones. If you’ve never done before, you can read the complete tutorial here.
    1. Once we unlocked the device, then we have to download a custom recovery, you can make a choice from TWRPor CWM recovery.
    1. To flash the recovery, we must get into a fastboot mode (turn it off and then turn it on by holding volume down and power button at the same time), and then scroll to Fastboot option and select it.
  2. Fastboot Mode
  1. Connect HTC First with PC through USB, but make sure you already have the most recent HTC Drivers installed.
  2. Move the Unlock_code.bin file to the folder where you have fastboot.exe (guide to setting fastboot on the computer are  available here). Then open a CMD window within the folder (shift button + right-click -> Open command window here).
  3. Then run the following command (we rename the recovery file in Step.2 to recovery.img).

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  1. After successfully set-up a custom recovery on our smartphone, it’s time to install/flash root exploit. Get root exploit (SuperSU or Superuser), then move it into the phone.
  2. Get into recovery mode, then pick out install zip and point to the root file that you have moved before.
  3. Our HTC First should rooted with custom recovery now, you can verify it by installing Titanium backup or MyBackup app.
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