Scale up Your Website Speed for Better SEO Rankings

A competent web creator will always ensure that the speed of a website is always kept in mind, while designing it. In the highly fast-paced digital world that we live in today, loading time matters the most for your website’s success.

No matter how many lovely design elements you incorporate, how well you build the navigational structure and sitemap, or how well-optimized your content is, it all adds up to nothing without good speed. The motive behind ensuring the best website speed is twofold.

The first one is obviously to ensure a superlative user experience, thereby ensuring higher page views and conversions.

The second reason is that website speed is an important search ranking factor, and therefore important for your website SEO, to ensure a high search ranking.

Whether you are getting your new website designed, or your old website redesigned, make sure you scale up your website speed for better usability and SEO rankings.

Enquire about Website Designing in Mumbai

For Mumbai-based businesses, enquiring about website designing in Mumbai can be tricky because of multiple options.

To choose the best web design company, always try to find a well-experienced team that has worked with multiple businesses across different industries. Yet another vital aspect is balancing the tightrope between budget and quality.

A good web designer is always receptive to your purpose, ideas and the overall value you seek from the project. Additionally, it is important to place equal emphasis on the visual appeal, speed and functionality of a website.

During your first meeting, they should ideally show you the latest design elements, patterns, and templates that are currently in vogue, and most relevant for your business type.

Important Ways to Enhance Website Speed

When you are about to embark upon a Website Designing or Website Redesigning Project for your business, make sure the following speed-centric parameters are kept in mind:-

  • Images Optimization: Images are considered the single-largest factor for dampening website speed. Instead of scaling down large images on CSS, always ensure that you compress them using the right plug-ins to ensure both fast-loading and retaining image quality.
  • Browser Caching Configuration- This is especially important for repeat visitors to have a hassle-free experience browsing your site, by enabling temporary data storage on the end-user’s computer.
  • Content Compression- Based on your website coding/scripts, use the appropriate tools for content compression. Lately, Gzip is being used by most web developers and designers for fastening up websites.
  • Flawless CSS Code- During the web development phase, make sure the CSS code and delivery doesn’t have any errors that are reducing the loading time of the particular page.
  • Efficient Web Hosting- The web hosting company you choose, as well as the hosting package you pick will have a direct impact on your site speed. Give this aspect a thought before you finalize a host for your business site.
  • Selective Use of Plug-ins- Many website owners make the mistake of not disabling the unwanted plug-ins, thereby hampering website speed.

Impact of Website Speed on SEO

The faster your site loads, the easier it is for not just end-users but also search engines to navigate through your site and index all the relevant, keyword-optimized pages including your new posts. Thus website speed has a direct impact on SEO, and it should be the crux of your SEO campaign.

E-Commerce Giants like Amazon and Walmart have reported a significant increase in page visits, conversion rates, and revenue generated, with just a marginal increase in website speed.

The threshold or benchmark for site load time should be a maximum of 3 seconds. The faster your site loads, the greater are your chances of attaining the top search ranking.

Rely on the Best Team for Website Designing in Mumbai

Outsourcing your business requirement of website designing in Mumbai should follow a careful screening process. Before approaching any web design company, take some time to familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts of web designing.

As the digital realm is fast-evolving, there are numerous web design trends and layout that gain popularity from time to time. But the need for higher website efficiency, user-friendliness and speed, remains evergreen.

As a website owner, you should always emphasise on these aspects, while talking to the web design team. Last but not the least, make sure the detailed terms, quality norms and deadline aspects are documented and signed, before outsourcing the project.


Scaling up your website speed is crucial for better website performance, enhanced user appeal, and attaining top search rankings. In short, the desired ROI from your website can only be attained if its loading time, navigability, efficiency and performance are up to the mark.

It is the job of a professional web designer and web developer to ensure that the coding structure and design elements of your website are in perfect harmony to enhance site speed.

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