Retain root on 19.6.3 software for Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini

In mid-May 2014, Verizon released a new software update for the Droid Maxx, Mini and Ultra with version 19.6.3, it’s still running Android 4.4. All these 2013 Droid Line (XT1080, XT1030) devices get updated at the same time as they all have identical software. As you might experienced before, after upgrading to 19.6.3.obake-maxx/19.6.3.obakem, root access on your phone will be gone, so afterwards you will not be able to utilize apps that require root access.

Retain root on 19.6.3 software for Droid Maxx Ultra and Mini

If you expect that this OTA is loaded with Android 4.4.2, you might be a little disappointed, since actually the 19.6.3 OTA only brings minor update. According Verizon’s site it only brings roaming enhancements, several bug fixes and stability enhancements. Potentially, this update also prepares your smartphone to receive the latest KitKat (Android 4.4.3) firmware, so there’s no reason to not take this update.

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However, there is good news for rooted users who are still running the previous update (19.5.3), now we can retain root on 19.6.3 update for the Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini easily. But for those who already upgraded to 19.6.3 and unrooted, don’t need to get worried since there is hope, of course, with several extra steps.


  • Verizon’s 2013 Droid line (XT1080, XT1030) smartphone running 19.5.3 firmware with root privileges.
  • Get Chainfire’s SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store, it’s not free, but it’s worth for the money.

Additional requirements for those with 19.6.3 software version

  • The most recent version of RSD Lite flash tool from Motorola.
  • Grab the 19.5.3 (Android 4.4) stock firmware file for your phone.
  • OEM Motorola USB cable.
  • Windows-based computer.

Keep root 19.6.3 update for Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini

We assume that you are already running 19.5.3 firmware with root access and write protection system is off.

  1. Update SuperSU to the most recent version via Play Store, and make sure you have already purchased the pro version, since it’s required to enable the Survival mode.
  2. Go to settings tab then enable the Survival mode.
  3. Still on Settings tab, now Disable Superuser (optional).
  4. Go to main phone settings then initiate the OTA update manually.
  5. Once successfully upgraded to 19.6.3, open SuperSU again and enable superuser just as before, your phone should rooted now.

Downgrade method for users running 19.6.3 without root

Especially for those who already updated without having done the above procedure, you should downgrade your firmware first.

  1. Return your Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini back to stock 19.5.3 software by using RSD Lite and stock firmware.
  2. Once downgraded, re-root the phone with jcase’s Pie tool, then remove system protection with beaups’s MotoWpNoMo.
  3. Install Safestrap recovery.
  4. Flash KitKat compatible SuperSU app, it’s recovery flashable.
  5. Follow the keep root method above.
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