How to: Sprint LG G2 LS980ZVA root with one click script

It’s less than two months after Sprint releasing the first OTA update (LS980ZV8) in December last year, now LG rolls out a second OTA update for Sprint LG G2 with LS980ZVA software version. As usual, if you have root privileges previously, it will gone after you take the ZVA OTA.

Sprint LG G2 LS980ZVA root with one click script1

But you could be a little excited this time, as we can still root the LS980ZVA OTA on Sprint LG G2 by using the powerful ioroot exploit by autoprime – a recognized developer from xda who quickly updating a new script (v21) as soon as the ZVA update released. If you don’t know already, the LS980ZVA software update brings several enhancements and bug fixes such as Spark Sprint band support (BC26 and 41), Google Hangout’s VM and MMS fixes and accessibility improvements.

According to some users on xda, the update also brings security patches that break Loki exploits. Without Loki, we could not flashing custom ROMs, kernels or recoveries, but fortunately the bootloader is downgradable, we can use the ZV7 bootloader then apply Loki again.


  1. Get ioroot v21 or later. Never use an out-dated version of the exploit script, it won’t work.
  2. A LS980 USB drivers for Windows computer.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your phone, an OEM USB cable is preferred for steady connection.

Sprint LG G2 LS980ZVA OTA root within minutes

    1. Extract the ioroot packaged in zip format, unzip it into a new folder.
    1. Connect your phone to the computer, set the connection for charging only.
    1. Run “root.bat” from inside the ioroot folder.
    1. Now just click any key to start the LS980ZVA rooting procedure, follow any on-screen carefully, If you get a security notification on your phone just click accept and tick the always option.
    1. Once the rooting process is completed, your phone should have SuperSU app installed, open it, then give it time to install the su binaries.
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