How to: AT&T LG G2 D80010o root by using updated ioroot script

The LG G2 for AT&T has received a software update in early December last year with software version D80010o, most likely it’s a minor update as the size of the update package file is only 57 MB. Although minor, this OTA update will remove superuser access you have before, so your AT&T LG G2 will lose root after D80010o software is installed on your phone.

ATT LG G2 D80010o root by using updated ioroot script

As stated previously, this update only brings a few enhancements and bug fixes that will make your smartphone has a better performance, here are some changes that you would experience: fully supported ISIS mobile payment, EAS fixes, improved Google Map, AT&T message name fix and improved Ready2Go app.

As you can see, it only brings a few bug fixes and enhancements, but missed it due to being nervous about losing superuser privileges is not a right decision. However, don’t get worried, now we can regain root after D80010o update for AT&T LG G2, thanks to autoprime – a talented developer from xda who updating the ioroot exploit for us.


  1. Download and install G2 (D800) USB drivers, If your device has been recognized by the computer before then you can skip this step.
  2. A computer running Windows, Linux or Mac. In this guide we make use of Windows 8.1.
  3. Download the updated ioroot exploit modified by autoprime.

Regain root on AT&T LG G2 running D80010o software update

  1. Unzip the ioroot package into a folder, you will see many files there.
  2. Locate a “root.bat” file (Windows version), then double-click on it, a CMD window will show up.
  3. Now connect your G2 to the PC via USB, but ensure it is recognized by your computer, for Windows user, you can look into device managers, see if your device is already listed there.
  4. If you are sure your device is well connected, now hit any key to continue, the ioroot will do its job automatically, don’t forget to follow any on-screen guide you might discover.
  5. Once the ioroot script successfully regains su access, then you will see a new app is installed (SuperSU), open it to finish the su files installation. Your AT&T LG G2 running D80010o should rooted now, verify it by using a root checker app from Play Store.
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