Motorola Atrix HD: Keep root after receiving Jelly Bean OTA update

After Jelly Bean OTA update, your mobile will drop the root accessibility, like other phones since the system partition will be wiped (which includes Superuser app and su binary) during the firmware update process. You won’t be able to get root using Motofail2Go exploit on Atrix HD with Android 4.1.1 firmware, because the tools designed for your Motorola device running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) firmware.

Motorola Atrix HD Keep root after receiving Jelly Bean OTA update

Fortunately, there’s an app that can help us retain root after getting the OTA update, the app called Voodoo OTA RootKeeper, which make us possible to backup and protect root from OTA update installation.

Here are methods that you can try if you wish to keep root access on Motorola Atrix HD after receiving an official Jelly Bean update:

  1. If you have previously removed/freeze bloatware apps, you should reinstall/restore those apps. In case your device is heavily modified, you can restore/unroot it to stock ICS and then reroot it again.
  2. Go to Google play to check Superuser app updates. After having the latest Superuser app, then check the su binary version, update if you still have the outdated version.
  3. SU Binary Update
  4. Get OTA RootKeeper by supercurio from Google Play, then open the app and look at the status. Make sure it’s ready for backup (“Superuser app installed”, “Device rooted”, “Root permissions granted” and “/system supports root protection” are marked).
  5. Voodoo Root Keeper
  6. Now hit the following buttons in sequence “Protect root” > “Temp. Unroot (keeps backups)” > “Restore root” > “Temp. Unroot (keeps backups)” > “Restore root”.
  7. Get the official Jelly Bean OTA update for AT&T Atrix HD (MB886), head to Settings > About Phone > System Updates.
  8. After successfully running Android 4.1.1 (JB) firmware, open Voodoo RootKeeper and hit “Restore root”.
  9. You should rooted now, just verify it using Titanium Backup.
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