iMyMac PowerMyMac Review: Optimize the Performance of Your Mac

Is your Mac not performing as what you expect these days? Are experiencing some lag time? To find out more about it, what are the causes and best solution, read through this article.

Some Mac users have multiple applications as their tool on cleaning up their Mac, they have a separate app for everything like for junk clean up, app uninstaller, mail cleaner and many more, we have a multi-function tool and here we’ll discuss about iMyMac PowerMyMac Review its capabilities, services and features.

iMyMac PowerMyMac Review Optimize the Performance of Your Mac1

Cleaning up your Mac has never been easy before you have to go to each of the browsers that you use just to clean up cookies, cache and remove extensions, you have to check each of your folders and delete everything that you see that’s unnecessary but now by using iMyMac PowerMyMac it can do a lot of things for you.

Part 1: What is PowerMyMac?

When you are looking for a powerful Mac cleaner that is effective and easy to use then PowerMyMac is the best app for you, there are a lot of cleaners that is out in the market mostly they have few and similar features and benefits, the capability of PowerMyMac is divided into three main parts which is Status, Cleaner and Toolkit.

Status Overview

It is like a dashboard kind of report that will show your Mac’s current state by each category which is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) Memory (or RAM, Random Access Memory) and Disk (Storage), every time that you launch this app it will give you its most recent reading, it will refresh automatically.

In this summary report it will give you an overview, it can help you to identify some causes of the problems, example the reason why you are experience lag times is because you are almost out of storage and you might need to free up some space.

It goes hand in hand on the second main part of PowerMyMac which is the Cleaner also with the Tool Kit.

The Cleaner

iMyMac PowerMyMac Review Optimize the Performance of Your Mac3

Now that you see an example of correlation of the features it should get you more excited on what the Cleaner can do also the Tool kit. The cleaner has the most numbers of features, it is divided into parts so you can take the lead on which items would you like to clean.

Each of the features will also allow you to make a review before cleaning up, in this way it will give you the list of the items that you can remove and you can simply untick on the radio button of the file if you do not wish to delete it, also it has a confirmatory box before completing the clean-up.

Tool Kit

The third main module of PowerMyMac, just like the cleaner it also has multiple capabilities inside it. This is one of the features of PowerMyMac that single apps do not have. It’s like its extended services.

Part 2: Features of Cleaner and Toolkit of PowerMyMac

The Eight Features of Cleaner: What is it for

System Junk

Its main function is to clean up the systems cache and logs, application cache and user logs from the term junk these are the things that you don’t really need to be sitting on your Mac. This is to free up some space on your Mac

iPhoto Junk

It could free up some space on your library by getting rid of the photo cache that’s unnecessary.

Note: If you use this feature the first time, it will ask you to have access permission on your photo library

Email Junk

By receiving tons of emails on a daily basis it goes along with email attachments that has nothing to do with you, rather than going into your mail and delete them one by one, this feature of Cleaner can do it for you.

Similar Photo

Whenever you are syncing a device on your Mac or using a cloud-based storage there is a high chance that you have duplicate files and images that is located on different folders.

iTunes Junk

Broken downloads and corrupted files that was synced from your device are considered as junks on your iTunes App, since it will not work might as well get rid of these kind of files

Trash Bin

If we delete applications, files and other stuff on our computer it goes straight first to trash, it is not yet permanently deleted.

In the event that you don’t check this up on a regular basis then your Mac can be carrying a load of trash, it is like a garbage collector in one go.

Large and Old Files

By identifying your large and old files you will then need to do some sorting, and we all know that sorting can really take so much of your time. You need to go to each folder, then sort by size and date. And are you aware how many folders are there on your Mac?

This feature can scan your Mac as a whole and it will lead you just right to the ones that you need to remove.

Duplicate Finder

We tend to have multiple files that are the same however on a different format, example is a word file that you converted into PDF, by converting it will just multiply and the original format will not be deleted. It will help you find that kind of files that you will no longer use.

The Eight Features of Toolkit: What is it for


When you directly uninstall an app on your Mac, it will only just uninstall the app itself, however the stored local data of that app will remain on your storage so then you need to go to a trip on your internal storage and find all the related files of the uninstalled app.

This uninstaller can do it for you in just one click, uninstall the app and remove all of the related files.


Just like the settings or preferences on your Mac, this allows you to modify in easy steps. It is made to be easily identified and divided into 9 sub-categories for your convenience.

It has Quick look function wherein a Quick switch On and Off feature for preview functions, next is it has Spotlight what makes it powerful is its extra plug ins, if you no longer use one of the plug ins or it is no longer support you could just simply toggle the on and off button to disable them.

Proxy, these are like application helpers because some apps need to have them you can disable them as well using PowerMyMac. Login contains startup items that can cause some lag times on your Mac, it also has Services its function is to accept files from applications or finder.

Preferences, you can hide an app on your Mac by switching it on or off on Macs systems preferences, one of the most essential part of maintenance is Battery, here you can see the status of your battery as well as the temperature of your Mac.

It also has No Sleep feature wherein you can set up if you don’t want your Mac to fall asleep in a certain number of hours this is essential mostly if you are working. Flush DNS cache this could help you if you are having connectivity issues.


This also works like the cleaner, cleaner is decluttering what’s inside your Mac and privacy cleans up your browsers wherein you do most of your activity. I find this one of the most important features of an app cleaner since it will save you from hackers and malwares.

NTFS (New Technology File System)

It allows you from HDD, Flash Drive or SSD to read and write files on your Mac, it’s like a way of storing computer files.

File Manager

It can show you all files that you have and also have an option to delete those files by crushing it or shredding it. In this way you are secured that if the file is confidential everything will be deleted.


This allows you to hide files and encrypt them with password to prevent your privacy just in any case that you are sharing your Mac with others.


You can compress or decompress your files using this unarchiver.

Wi-Fi Analysis

If you are used going to a website to check the speed of your internet connection you can do it in PowerMyMac as well, it can analyze the connections download and upload speed, also the networks IP address and Mac address.

Part 3: Tips on How to Optimize the Performance of Your Mac

Now that we have seen all of the features and benefits of PowerMyMac, might as well take advantage on using it by going to the website and download the app, and follow the steps below to perform a deep clean on your Mac to free up some space and improve the speed of your Mac.

Step 1: Declutter by Cleaning Up your Browsers Cache and Cookies

  • Launch Privacy tool > Click on Scan > Select on View button
  • Choose which browser you want to clean up > Select all if you want to delete everything that showed on the list
  • Click on Clean button at the bottom right of the page
  • Select Confirm

If you have one or more browsers that you are using, you might want to repeat the process by selecting the next browser.

Step 2: Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

  • On the Tool Kit > Select the Uninstaller, Click on Scan
  • The list of the Apps that you have will show on the left side of the screen > Select the App that you want to uninstall > Click on Clean
  • Once the pop-up appears, Select Confirm
  • You may re do the process on the other apps that you wish to uninstall and don’t forget to remove all the applications that is not familiar to you

Step 3: Clean Up your Mailbox

By cleaning up your mailbox you are also deleting trash like mail attachments that’s sitting on the storage of your Mac.

  • Select the Cleaner Tab > Click on Email Junk
  • Click on the Scan button
  • It will show you the number of scanned files that was found > Click on View
  • On the left side > Select Email Junk > Click on Clean button at the bottom right of the screen
  • A confirmatory box will appear > Select Confirm
  • Re do the process on the other items on the list such as Email

Step 4: Purge Trash Bin

  • Go to Cleaner Module > Select Trash Bins
  • Hit the Scan > after scanning > Click on View button
  • System Trash will show on the list > Click on Select All option at the top of the screen > Click on Clean at the bottom right of the program

Step 5: Eliminate those Large and Old Files

Sometimes the large files that we have has been very important in the past that’s why we tend to keep them even though it’s no longer useful at all and some files has been kept without us realizing it.

PowerMyMac can help you find these files and delete them.

  • On Cleaner click on Large and Old Files > Click on that Scan icon > Select View
  • The left side will show you the size bracket and from the oldest to newest files and on the right side the actual files and its sizes
  • Select on the files that you wish to remove then click on Clean
  • Just repeat these steps and change the selection on the list if you would like to

Part 4: Conclusion

We already completed this article and if I were to choose which Mac cleaner will I have it would already be PowerMyMac, since it is user friendly, the powerful features that it has and lastly the convenience it will bring you since it is like all-in-one app that could help you save time and effort just by cleaning up and optimizing your Mac.

Just have PowerMyMac installed on your Mac and at least do the tips on how to optimize your Mac frequently not just the performance of your Mac will improve also it will protect you from malware threats.

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