FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Review

One of the main issues that every Smart Device user complains is that the data loss of their smart devices or applications, especially when they lost their important data such as photos, messages or contracts. Deleting data unintentionally or upgrading software that failed might be the cause of data loss.

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Therefore, an excellent data recovery tool is of great importance for you to recover your data. Here, FoneDog iOS Data Recovery tool is highly recommended. Before taking a close look at the FoneDog iPhone Data Recovery review, you should know why you lost the data of your smart devices.

Part 1: Reasons for Data Loss

As we all know, not only it is important for us to figure out problems that we encounter, but it is also of significance for us to understand why the problems occur. Here, I’d like to give you a brief introduction to the reasons for data loss.

  1. Accidentally Deleted. Sometimes you may find it you will delete some important data unintentionally.
  2. Forget Password. Forgot your iPhone password also leads to data loss.
  3. Broken Screen. You broke your smart devices’ screen you can not get back your data.
  4. Water Damaged. Now and that, your smart device was fell into water so you would lose your files.
  5. iOS Upgrade. Contacts and messages missing are due to the latest iOS Upgrade.
  6. System Error. System Error may cause data loss. For example, the installation of system errors, resulting in D disk data loss from iPhone.
  7. Factory Reset. Sometimes the device needs to restore the factory settings, which will erase all data.

As we mentioned above, now you will have a general concept of the causes of data loss. So are you concerned about the data loss of your smart devices? Don’t worry. FoneDog iOS Data Recovery tool can help you get out of a predicament after losing important data and get back your them.

Part 2: Why I Need FoneDog iOS Data Recovery?

As an overview, FoneDog iOS Data Recovery is a software that can help you recover deleted or lost data from iDevice, such as iPhone, iPad. Support the latest iPhone system and the latest iOS 12. What’s more, the new updated one Supports to recover the data loss of different kinds of APP, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messager, Wechat, QQ.

By using this recovery tool by FoneDog, you are guaranteed the highest success rate in recovering any deleted or lost data from your device. The software provides you with three safe methods to choose from to recover your data, whether using the iTunes backup file or iCloud backup file or directly from your device even if there is no backup available.

Part 3: Three Methods of How to Recover Data Using FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

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How to Recover the Data of the iPhone

  • Step 1: Use a USB cable to link your iDevice to your computer so that you can use the tool. Select the button “Recover from iOS Device”, and then tap the “Start Scan” button.
  • Step 2: Click Start Scan button, later you’re the files of your iDevice will be scanned by the program. Patiently wait for a few minutes when the software scans your iDevice.
  • Step 3: You can restore all of the files or just some of them. After selecting the data you need, press the button “Recover“, then choose a mode to restore the data. The software will recover the data to your computer efficiently.

How to Recover the Lost Files through iTunes Backup

  • Step 1: Choose an iTunes backup from the list below. All of the iTunes backup data will be detected and displayed on the computer. Select the files you want and press the button “Start Scan” to scan your backup files.
  • Step 2: A few minutes will be needed to collect all files through the iTunes backup files. When it is done, the scanned data are displayed on the left side of the window. You can preview all of them before you restore them and select the data you need, then click the button “Recover”.

How to Restore Deleted Data through iCloud Backup

  • Step 1: Select the path “Recover from iCloud Backup File” on the computer. Login in the iCloud log in the interface by input your iCloud account and passcode. Your privacy will be well-protected for this software won’t store any of your privacy.
  • Step 2: After the program finds all of your backup data. Select the data you want to recovery and click the button“Download”.
  • Step 3: Patiently await a few minutes for the scan process. When finished, you can read your data, and select the one by clicking button “Recover” to recover the fils.

Part 4: Conclusion

Generally speaking, the tool is easy and simple for you to use. As the steps mentioned above, you will find that you will never go wrong with the FoneDog iOS Data Recovery tool when you restore your lost or deleted data. This tool ensures a fast and highly-efficient recovery process with just a few clicks on your mouse.

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