HTC One (M7): Add reboot and screenshot options on Power Menu

Without doubt Android is a mobile OS with complete features. However, not all device manufacturers (including HTC) would take advantage of these features, with a variety of reasons, especially for a better user experience or security purposes. There are many hidden features of Android, including screen capture option (to take a screenshot of the current display) and reboot options (including to reboot into the bootloader or recovery mode). You won’t be able to see those options on the stock ROM, but on any custom ROMs you will certainly find those options in Power Menu.

HTC One M7 Add reboot and screenshot options on Power Menu

In case you won’t to flash a custom ROM, but would like to still use a screen capture and reboot options on HTC One (M7) power menu, you can install a mods by Dunc001 from xda. He builds Advance Power Menu (APM), which is useful for adding items to the default power menu, so when you press the power button HTC One for a few seconds, you will find new options such as reboot (bootloader, recovery, hot reboot, safe mode), screenshot, toggle mobile network, sound options, etc.

For those who want to have a reboot, screenshots, etc. options on the HTC One Power Menu, you can easily follow the tutorial below.

  1. Make sure your phone’s bootloader is unlocked, rooted with custom recovery (CWM, TWRP) installed.
  2. Get the flashable zip from Dunc001′s thread on xda.
  3. Once the files have been downloaded, copy the zip into device storage.
  4. Boot into recovery mode: Completely turn off your phone then press volume down + power button at the same time, choose RECOVERY on bootloader mode.
  5. On the main recovery menu, choose flash zip from SD card and point to where you save the zip file then flash it.
  6. Aroma installer will show up, and here you can choose what options you want to reveal in the Power Menu.
  7. Once you have selected items in Aroma Installer, your phone will reboot.

After completely boot up, now try to press the power button for 2-3 seconds then you will notice reboot and screenshot options on the HTC One (M7) power menu.

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