Enable Autocorrect feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 stock keyboard

You may wonder why your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard app does not have autocorrect features that can automatically complete and replace the word you type with the predictive text. This feature is very useful for those who want to type quickly without having to worry about typo error. For me personally, I’m not the fan of the auto-correct feature on the stock Samsung keyboard, since many times, it gives the wrong predictive text, but the choice is yours.

Enable Autocorrect feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 stock keyboard

Predictive text with auto-correct feature is already available for this phone, but specifically for the US Galaxy S4, this feature has been removed due to patent issues with Apple Inc. Maybe you don’t know that Apple suing Samsung over Autocorrect feature, so for now this feature is only available only for international versions of GS4.

For those who can’t live without predictive text/auto-correct feature on the Galaxy S4 stock keyboard, then you can use the same app from international device by following easy steps below:

  1. 1. Since the keyboard app and several other files need to be installed into system partition, so a custom recovery (TWRP/CWM) is required for flashing the mods file, simply because doing it manually could time-consuming.
  2. Grab recovery-flashable (GS4_keyboard_autocorrect.zip) stock keyboard here, this file will replace the Samsung keyboard app (U.S.) with the Intl. app.
  3. Boot into recovery mode, install zip from sdcard and then flash the keyboard mods.
  4. Back to the main recovery menu and reboot.
  5. Go to phone Settings -> Language and input, enter into Predictive text menu, and enable Auto replacement option.

In case you have lag issues on Galxy S4 when typing using the stock keyboard, then you can perform the following additional steps:

  • Open /system/app folder and find the “SamsungIME. apk” file, using a file manager app that has root explorer.
  • Rename the file by adding .bak at the end of the file name, so it changed to “SamsungIME.apk.bak”
  • Flash the keyboard mods via custom recovery (Step 3).

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