Helpful Technology For Seniors

Living in the 21st century means that people have a lot of technology at their fingertips.  Technology has brought the world more than one simple article can define, and seniors are definitely among the groups who benefit most from today’s tech tools.  

If you’re looking for the best technology to assist your most beloved seniors, a little research can go a long way to suffice your needs.  Take a quick moment now to read through a brief compilation of a few helpful pieces of technology for seniors.  

Keeping seniors safe and secure

The safety and security of seniors is also a viable area for concern.  It’s not uncommon for people to victimize senior citizens through scams, theft, and other nonviolent crimes.  

If your favorite senior citizen lives at a capable senior living facility, security isn’t really a risk.  If your favorite senior is still living at home, it’s important to employ the best tech tools to provide a safe and secure place to live. 

Surveillance cameras are more affordable now than ever before, and the Nest Doorbell cam is a great place to start documenting who graces your doorstep each day.

Medication management made easy

When you get to the age of being a senior, it’s not uncommon to have a long list of medications and vitamins you need to keep track of to get through the day.  

It can be difficult for a young mind to keep up with all the dosing times and measurements, and it may be even more difficult for an elderly mind to keep all the information sorted.  

It’s important that seniors get the medication they need when they need it, and technology can help to achieve such goals.  Specifically, a medication management system by the name of Hero is ready to help.  

Hero will sort, dispense, and refill seniors’ pills.  The system also links to a smart mobile app that works in tandem with the device and can be operated by seniors or a tech-savvy family member. 

Personal entertainment for seniors

A tablet that offers special features to seniors can do a lot to help the day be more interesting and enjoyable.  The GrandPad is that device.   

It is a tablet with built-in wireless data that grants seniors access to playing games, listening to their favorite tunes, and even video chatting with friends and family.  

The GrandPad has several features that make it easier for elderly individuals to operate.  The text is larger, the functions are straightforward, and the setup is simple.  

Tech to keep from losing things

You don’t have to be a senior to forget where you put things, but it’s okay.  The Tile Sticker is here to help.  It’s a small square sticker that you can place on whatever item you are prone to misplacing.  

The television remote, the car keys, or a wallet are made much easier to find when they’re equipped with a small locator.  A mobile app gives users a clear view of where the misplaced item is located through bluetooth technology.  

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