Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat in iOS and Android

When the phone or PC’s screen is too bright, it strains the eyes and this could trigger migraine in people who have the tendency to get them. There’s this and then there’s the fact that harsh blue light can mess up your sleep. Imagine you spend the whole night checking for updates about a sudden outage in Spectrum internet service in your area on your phon. This can be highly stressful for the eyes! To address this issue exactly, apps and even smart devices have a feature called the dark mode. Turn it on and this should fix everything. This same feature happens to be present in Snapchat as well.

Let’s help you turn on Snapchat’s dark mode on both Android and iOS.

Getting Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS

The Dark mode for the Snapchat app in iOS was released to the world in May 2021. Follow these steps to enable it on your device:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone
  2. Tap the bitmoji icon present at the top left corner of your profile
  3. From there, go to settings. The icon should be there on your screen’s top right corner
  4. From “My Account” go to “App Appearance”
  5. This should take you to the option for changing the app’s theme
  6. Find and tap the “Always Dark” option
  7. That’s all, this should enable the dark mode on your Snapchat app

Getting Snapchat Dark Mode on Android OS

On Android, Snapchat does not currently have an official dark mode setting. But there’s hope. Activating the “forced systemwide dark mode” option from developer options is the closest you can go right now. While this isn’t perfect, it is better than Android’s present retina-blinding light option.

Ready to enable the dark mode from the developer’s options? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Android device’s setting
  2. Hit “About Phone”
  3. Scroll down and look for the build number option
  4. Tap this option 7 times
  5. This will enable developer mode on your device
  6. Go back to the settings and go to “Systems”
  7. From there, tap “Developer Options” for accessing the options
  8. Toggle the “Override Force dark” option
  9. This will enable the forced dark mode on your phone
  10. Now, you will notice that your Android device will invert colors on the apps that don’t support dark mode native (this includes Snapchat).

Benefits of Snapchat’s Dark Mode

It’s not just Snapchat, lots of apps have the dark mode option. This look is not enjoyable for everyone but the dark mode has its own benefits.

Instead of the typical dark text appearing on a light screen (known as ‘light mode,’) a light color text (white or grey) appears on a dark or black screen. Dark mode reduces the amount of light emitted by the screen but retains minimum color contrast ratios for better readability. Here are some compelling reasons to enable dark mode on your Snapchat:

Perfect When You Need Low-Light Settings

Everyone uses their phone when they are in bed. If your partner sleeps next to you or you don’t want to disturb people when you’re in the cinema, the dark mode setting will maintain a low light setting.

Reduce The Blue Light Intensity

Blue light can disrupt your sleep and might as well trigger migraine. By turning on dark mode, the less blue light will emit from your phone. If you are habitual of using your phone before bed, switching to dark mode can be great.

Save Battery Life

Depending on the device, the dark mode can save up to 9 percent power. The power efficiency depends on the brightness of the OLED screen of your device though.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no denying that dark mode looks amazing. The feel is mysterious. So, along with reducing eye strain, using Snapchat in dark mode will make your experience more enjoyable.

Summing Up

The dark mode is not always great. The light against the dark is not always great for the eyes. The text could appear washed out, which will add to eye fatigue. Plus, it’s challenging to lead long pieces of content or text in dark mode. If you are in a well-lit sunny room, the light-colored text on a dark background is difficult to read.

While using Snapchat in dark mode, if at any time you feel like it’s getting extra stressful, feel free to go back into the settings to disable it.

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