4 Advantages of Giving Children a Prepaid Phone as their 1st Phone

It’s a rite of passage for children to have their first phone. Parents may feel conflicted about what type of phone they should give their child as their 1st device, and the decision can be complicated by whether or not parents want to monitor all of the content that is accessed on the device. A new trend has emerged- giving kids prepaid phones so that parents don’t need to worry about large monthly bills, data plans, or if their kid downloads inappropriate content. Here are 4 advantages of giving your child a prepaid phone.

1- Less Expensive and Flexible

Prepaid phones are typically less expensive than other types of devices. Parents can purchase a phone with limited data for $20-40 and not have to worry about paying an extra monthly fee. This is an advantage because parents can also use this phone as their child’s backup or emergency device which means that they do not have to pay extra fees for a second plan.

Parents that want to give their child a prepaid phone can also purchase flexible plans for themselves that do not require contracts or installment payments like other types of providers, such as Verizon Wireless. This is helpful because it ensures that if the child needs to make an emergency call, their parents will always be available.

2- Age-Appropriate Content

Prepaid phones are often associated with children because of the age restrictions put in place by parents who buy them. Parents typically restrict access to content on prepaid phones because these are typically used by younger children. This is advantageous for parents who want to monitor what their children see and don’t need to worry about the types of websites that they visit or how much data they use.

3- Teaches Children Responsibility

Prepaid phones teach children to be responsible for their own bills and manage money at a young age. Parents can give prepaid cards as gifts or let kids purchase the phone themselves- either way, kids learn about managing finances which is an important life skill that will carry into adulthood.

Also, having a phone teaches children to look after their belongings. Having a phone is a big responsibility and children need to know how to take care of their device in order for it to last.

4- Great Way to Keep in Touch

Lastly, a pre-paid phone is a great way for parents to keep in touch with their children. Because these phones are typically affordable, parents can purchase multiple prepaid cards so that they don’t miss out on important messages from their kids.

It also allows parents peace of mind when kids are at school or away from home because they will be able to contact them and vice versa if necessary. This is important because it enables parents to stay in the loop with what their children are doing without having to worry about spying or being invasive.

Having a prepaid phone for your child is not only cheaper but also teaches them responsibility and can even become an emergency device. This article has 4 advantages to giving kids their 1st phone as a prepaid device, so be sure to check it out before you make your decision.

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