4 Reasons An Android Is Essential To Your Business

Although it might not be obvious, the type of phone you have can directly impact your productivity at work and how you run your business. When choosing between an Android or an Apple phone, the choice might not be easy. Here are four ways an Android will help you work more efficiently and seamlessly.

Direct Access To Your Google Drive

Having a Google Drive suite plays a vital role in keeping your business organized and tidy. With Androids, you can download all of the necessary Google apps (Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms) and have them all in one place. Depending on your job, you might need to be able to create invoices quickly using Google docs or keep track of rented business equipment using Google Sheets. This sort of quick accessibility is essential to staying organized.

A Highly Customizable Experience

Android users have the unique opportunity to customize their user experience in a way that has not been previously available. There are, of course, small ways in which you can customize your phone like choosing the times at which the brightness changes or when your screen goes from day mode to night mode.

But you can go further than that by modifying the way your apps appear and by using widgets or shortcuts on the home page. Widgets allow you to access the functionalities of an app without actually opening it, which helps in making your phone battery last longer.

Third-Party Apps For Anything

Androids, like all phones, come with pre-installed applications. Unlike Apple, however, you are free to delete these apps if you deem them unuseful. What’s more, you can opt for third-party apps for just about anything! This gives you a broad selection of apps to choose from and will often make for better-performing apps because there’s more competition within the Android App Store.

The tech-savvy individuals who want to create their own app can do so on their Android phones. Let’s say that your business revolves around renting business equipment, you can create and use an app that helps you keep track of your clients and their files. The possibilities within Android are endless when you need to find a third-party app to meet your specific needs!

Wide Range Of Devices To Choose From

What initially draws most people to Androids for their business is the availability of devices. With Apple, your choices are straightforward and rather sparse. However, with Android, you can have your pick from a large selection of devices that are both large and small. The prices vary as well which makes Android phones very appealing to business owners who need the functionality but not necessarily the price tag that’s often attached to it!

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