How to: AT&T and Verizon LG G2 remove bloatware and list of apps that are safe to delete

The new LG G2 has an incredibly superb hardware specs like the 2.26 GHz Quad-core Krait CPU and 2GB of RAM so you can do anything that can’t be done by other smartphones. However, the premium hardware isn’t followed by a storage expansion, as we know that there is no SD card slot available on the LG G2, so it makes us keep all contents in internal storage.

The LG G2 comes with huge internal memory storage capacity up to 32GB, user accessible storage is obviously less than that since it has been used by android system files and some carrier’s pre-installed apps. To be able to free up some storage space, one of the efforts that we can do is remove bloatware apps on LG G2, which pre-installed by your carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint).

Below is a common step that you can do to remove pre-installed/bloatware apps from LG G2. Don’t forget to have a backup of the apps that you’d like to delete just in case.

  1. Due to the fact that the bloatware apps are stored in the system partition, then we need root privileges to be able to take it off.
  2. Get free root file manager from Google Play Store, once installed point to “/systems/apps” and delete the bloatware that you’d like there.
  3. Get Titanium Backup root or any similar tool, navigate to “Backup/Restore” section then freeze or delete every pre-installed apps.

Here is the safe to remove apps list from AT&T and Verizon LG G2, you can remove some or all of the following bloatware apps without anxiety about influencing your smartphone performance. Most apps are already available in the Play Store, so you can install it if you still need it.

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