Top 5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

It’s easy to naively conclude that email marketing is not as effective as it used to be anymore. However, in reality, it is still a crucial part of the daily digital marketing strategy of both small businesses and large corporations, and deservedly so.

Among the different digital marketing strategies, email marketing gives the highest ROI and works for all kinds and sizes of businesses. However, amid this buzz, it is easy for your emails to be ignored or even deleted. Your subscribers receive tens of emails per day, and you don’t have much time or chance to convince them.

There’s little margin for error in email marketing, and there are several mistakes that you must avoid.

Over-sending emails

You are likely to start your email marketing effort with highly structured and scheduled emails. However, once you begin to enjoy some success in your effort, you may become tempted to increase your email frequency to keep the traffic and engagement rolling. Doing this is a mistake, and it is one many brands fall into. The moment your email becomes incessant, your subscribers get tired and can’t keep up with it. So what used to be an effective means of connecting with them will become why they no longer want to hear from you. That’s what happens when you over-send emails, said Lina from

Many brands have suffered email burnout at some point. It starts with the subscribers getting angry over the frequency of the emails, then they begin to ignore the email, and eventually, they unsubscribe.

Sending emails without clear CTA

Before you write your email, there has to be a goal in mind that you want to achieve. Next, determine what action you want your readers to take after they read your email. For example, do you want to push them to your blog post? Take a survey? Or buy one of your products? Once you have predetermined the goal of your email, you must include a call to action in it for them to follow.

Not adding a clear and noticeable CTA is an email marketing mistake you should avoid because you leave the readers wondering what you want them to do. Even if they figured out what to do from reading your email, you did not provide them with an easy way to do it. As a result, they most likely won’t do what you want, and your email will not achieve the goal you have in mind.

Not optimizing for mobile users

This is a generation where the internet is now very accessible to all, primarily through a mobile phone. Gone are when people had to get behind a desktop computer to access the internet or read their email. According to and top essay writing, most people surf the net with their phones.

This, and the change in consumer demographics, has made it extremely important to optimize your email for mobile. Failure to make your email mobile-optimized will cost you a lot. Most of your subscribers will stop reading your email and unsubscribe because they will have difficulty with it and will not have a good email experience. This is also going to affect your conversions. It is hard to woo your subscribers when your email is rendered to them poorly.

Not optimizing your email send time.

The time you send your email determines the percentage of people that open and read it. There are peak email sending times when subscribers are likely to check their email, which ensures your email campaign’s effectiveness. Sending your email at any time that pleases you is equivalent to you sabotaging your email. You need to be strategic about when you send the email. There are specific times during the day or night when people are on their phones. That’s your best bet. Not when they are at work or sleeping. They may never go through it again once they miss it.

Poor subject line

Using a catchy and concise subject line may move your subscribers to open your email. However, if you do not optimize your subject line and appear too spammy and unattractive, your subscribers will not be convinced or interested in opening the email. As a result, your open rate will be low, and your campaign will be ineffective.


Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy, but some of these mistakes can reduce its effectiveness or even make it seem completely ineffective. Hence you need to avoid these mistakes.

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