Restore Droid RAZR M (XT907) to stock factory firmware and Unroot it

In case you want to return, exchange, repair Droid RAZR M to Verizon store or even want to sell it to someone else, you might need to unroot or return your phone to stock firmware, a factory reset won’t be enough to restore your phone back to stock if your device already rooted or running leaked firmware.

Restore Droid RAZR M XT907 to stock factory firmware and Unroot it

As we know a leaked Jelly Bean firmware has been around for the XT907, and even an exploit to gain root access on this phone is also available. To restore Motorola device to its original condition we can flash back to the original firmware/fastboot file using RSD Lite.

Here is a simple guide to restore the Droid RAZR M to stock factory default

  1. Since this process will erase all data stored in the internal storage, you might need to backup all your data. If you already rooted you can install MyBackup or Titanium Backup.
  2. Download RSD Lite and install it on a Windows PC / Laptop, RSD Lite 6.1.4 are advised, as some users are having problems using the previous version.
  3. Download the stock firmware/fastboot file in the zip file.
  4. Extract the firmware/fastboot file that you have been downloaded in step 3.
  5. Open the extracted folder, find file VZW_XT907_4.0.4-7.7.1Q-144_SMQ_S1-36-10_CFC.xml and open it with notepad, remove any lines which contains “GetVar”, “var” or “oem”.
  1. Open RSD Lite 6.1.4, press the “…” button, finds the xml files that you have been edited in step 5.
  2. Turn off your phone first, press and hold the following three buttons (volume-up + volume-down + power button) for a few seconds until your phone switches into “Boot Mode Selection Menu”, scroll down with the volume-down to highlight “AP Fastboot “then press volume up to select it, you will get into” AP Fastboot Flash Mode “.
  3. Next connect your device to the PC via USB cable, your device models will be recognized as XT907.
  4. Press the “Start” button and the flashing process will run, wait a moment.
  5. Done. Your Verizon Droid RAZR M will reboot and returned to the stock factory firmware.
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