The Straightforward Processes: What PDFBear Functions You Need to Use

Converting, compressing, or splitting your PDFs is not simple if you are not using the right tools. But if you access PDFBear and choose from its multiple features, there will be no problem or hassle in doing those processes. PDFBear is online software that anyone needs if they want to organize their files. With that, here are the functions you need to use from PDFBear.

PDF to Word

People are tasked to do their job each day, and they might do something repetitive, which can consume more time. Copy and pasting are easy, but you cannot proceed to your next job if you do the process for multiple files. It’s also similar to converting or transforming your PDFs into Word files, and you cannot do it manually because it will take you hours or days.

If you want the help of PDF to Word converter free tool, never hesitate to access it from the website of PDFBear. If you’re to convert one now, follow the simple process:

  1. Select the PDF document that you need to convert and upload it in the toolbox.
  2. After you upload the file, the system will analyze the data and extract them.
  3. If the conversion process is not yet over, please wait.
  4. After the first three steps, you can start downloading the converted document to your PC.

Compress PDF

If you are planning to shrink your PDFs’ size and use it for something, never hesitate to use this online feature of PDFBear. It might not be an issue for many people, but using the wrong tools in reducing a file size will result in poor-quality output. It’s normal for some people, but you can still do something about it. Lucky for the users of PDFBear, they can now use this online function to help them compress any PDFs without jeopardizing the quality.

People are always spending most of their time browsing the web and doing anything they want. With that statement, they might bump into a problem like uploading their files, but they are not allowed because of the file size. People can store files even with a document size of 1GB on different storage websites, but the same thing won’t apply in sending emails with large files. With that said, the servers are limiting or restricting the file size of every uploaded document.

If you wish to solve this problem, start by using this online feature of PDFBear. This online function can quickly shrink the file size of any PDFs in a few clicks. So follow the steps that we will provide you:

  1. Upload the PDF files that you have to compress using this tool. If you want, you can drag the files onto the website.
  2. Choose the needed option.
  3. Your documents are compressed in a moment.
  4. After the compression process, you can start downloading the form to your PC.

Split PDF

If your goal is to separate or extract a PDF document into multiple and individual files, you need to read everything about this article. In this list, users will know how to operate and take advantage of this online tool’s convenience. If you have your books in PDFs and you need to remove a specific chapter from it, you only need to access the website and use the “Split PDF” function to remove those parts required.

Users who need to store and keep any critical part of their book are allowed to save and extract the pages they wish to use later instead of highlighting them. There are also tons of internet tools that can provide a service for splitting PDFs, but they can’t compete with this tool from PDFBear.

Why is that? Because PDFBear will provide you this feature at zero cost and users won’t have a hard time following the easy process. If you need to split your PDFs right now, follow these simple steps that we will provide you:

  1. Decide on which PDF you have that you need to separate and upload on the website.
  2. Select the pages you wish to split by clicking those pages.
  3. After clicking the pages, save the changes and transform them into separate PDF pages.
  4. The individual PDF documents are ready for you to download.


Exactly, PDFBear is what people need to handle their PDFs efficiently. This online software can help its users convert, compress, split, or even merge multiple PDF documents without bumping into any trouble. Besides that, PDFBear will ensure that your files won’t get into the hands of any unwanted people by deleting them after an hour those documents are uploaded.

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