5 Of The Most Important Parts Of Seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most commonly used phrases when developing online content. There’s not much difference between local SEO and organic SEO. The difference is largely that with local SEO, results are focused locally. The two types of SEO rely on the same keyword analysis, links, technical SEO and written content. Your competitor is just a click away and the proliferation of competition is insane. It’s more important than ever to master the most important parts of SEO in order to rank higher on search engines. As you build your landing pages and web content, keep in mind that you should optimize your local searches and make sure that it’s easy for people in your business’ vicinity to find you. Here are the 5 of the most important parts of SEO.

Keyword Research

I can’t emphasise how important keyword research is. With mobile saturation and high internet penetration, most of your potential clients have access to mobile devices and devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and tablets.

This makes it possible to include voice-activated search as one way your clients can find you. Speaking, after all, is easier than writing things down. If you have a service business, try keywords in the forms of questions. You could take a look at websites like AnswerThePublic, Keyword.io and SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool to find the kinds of questions people normally use when searching for certain things.

Use Locally based Content

Use locally based content when optimizing for local SEO.

Locally based content usually does well. You should also pay attention to the fact that longform writing does not always do well.

Everything depends on the kinds of questions that your content will answer and if the answers you provide are relevant. The actual word count is secondary to this.

Writing locally based content that meets the needs of your addressable market will help you rise up Google’s local search rankings.

The best SEO services company will always remind you that links are slightly different to organic SEO.

Remember to accept Google’s Webmaster Rules when you get links. If you don’t, Google will simply drop your content from search results grown from organic search.

Things to Avoid

You should avoid Wikipedia content because it’s often very thin. The value of the content is equally thin. Wikipedia content will not add value to your SEO campaign.

Get Local Partners

These are websites that act as your local business partners. Google’s rules prevent unnecessary link sharing, however, if you have local partners, you can engage in conversation with them, as they share your links and you share theirs, improving the value of your SEO campaign.

This should still add value to the client. You don’t need unnecessary links to your local partners. What you link to must be useful.

It’s hard to know what excessive link sharing looks like, because it depends on context, so you’ll have to experiment to find what works. With enough experience, you’ll hit upon the right amount of links.

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