Best Email Management Tips To Have An Organized Inbox

It can happen to everyone when you spend hours trying to scroll through unread messages. It is a fact that the volume of electronic correspondence is quite overwhelming nowadays. Below, we have mentioned some email management tips which will help to keep your inbox clean and organized.

1. Set up filters, rules, or labels

At present, almost every email program contains filters, labels, and rules that will enable you to organize any incoming message successfully. Make use of these features for organizing your inbox in the best possible way.

  • Set priority to or highlight certain addresses. For instance, you can create a rule for highlighting messages from your boss or colleagues.
  • Move important as well as unimportant emails to separate folders.
  • Filter out common spam words that can get into the inbox.
  • In case you are receiving plenty of spam, make it a point to filter your email by means of Gmail.

2. Never reply to spam

If you are sure that you have received a spam message, do not reply to it. Instead, make sure that the message is deleted or marked as spam. There are different tools to help you protect your mailbox from spam, such as spam checkers, email verification services, and inbox cleaners.

3. Maintain its simplicity

On many occasions, individuals tend to create different folders for organizing the emails, and in this process, they end up overcomplicating their emails in the long run. It will be a good idea to maintain its simplicity, and not to make use of many folders for organizing your correspondence. In case it is not possible to get around your requirement for folders, make use of rules for filtering the messages into them. Folders will be able to save a considerable amount of time which might be spent by you organizing every single email that you receive.

4. Always reply quickly and in brief

While replying to emails make sure you do it as quickly as feasible and don’t spend a considerable amount of time on any particular message. It is advisable not to spend more than 5 minutes on any particular email out there. Moreover, avoid everything which is longer than 3 paragraphs.

5. Do not hesitate to delete

After going through an email, make sure to take certain action on it. Never save the email for later or transfer it to any folder for dealing with afterward. In case it is not possible to take any action on that message, it should be forwarded to someone else. You don’t need to respond to every message and there isn’t any reason for saving an email which will be deleted afterward.

The same applies to the situations when you work with mailing lists. It is crucial to verify email lists to reduce bounce rate and avoid spam traps. Visit the complete blog on email list cleaning software comparison. You will need to identify all invalid addresses to make sure you don’t waste your marketing efforts.

6. Do not devote much time while reading your emails

Make it a point to read the emails at least once every day, although this will depend on the number of emails you receive daily. Do not spend a significant amount of time while reading your emails. Create your personal schedule when it comes to checking your inbox at some particular intervals. Make sure to ignore doing that at other times.

It might be the fact that you might still be having emails even after following the above-mentioned steps, and in that case, it will be best to delete them. In case you are finding it difficult to delete emails, make a folder for moving all the old emails into it.

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