4 Apps That Will Help You With Common Landscaping Problems

Technology is now in our hands, making it possible to create newer and better applications and appliances to help us with everyday life. App developers have even made applications that can help you solve your landscaping issues. These apps save time, and money, help you get more creative when designing, and also help you build a stronger relationship with your client if you do it as a source of income. Let us look at some of the best landscaping apps you can use to solve your landscaping problems.

1. LeafSnap

A landscaper needs to know the kind of plants most suitable for a particular garden. Some plants can thrive where there is little sunlight or moisture; others need much sunlight, while some suck all the nutrients making those close to it wilt and die.

LeafSnap is designed to identify at least 95% of plant species on earth by uploading them on the app. You need to have a picture of either the bark, fruit, flowers, or leaves, which you need to identify. Once uploaded, it can help you identify the plant, and that’s it. Best of all, you have a free version with ads and a paid version that is ad-free.

2. Pro Landscape

Pro Landscape is a favorite, especially for professional Landscapers. It allows the user to visualize the project in hand and show them to a customer even before they start working on it physically.

The app allows you to take photos of the outdoor area that needs work. They also submit ideas for the design, and the information given can help to quote the estimated amount required. One does not need to keep traveling to and from their office to prepare a proposal.

It also has over 18000 images available, meaning you can never run out of ideas. The app allows you to set a specific climate zone and assess the plants most suitable for your client’s home.

If the area is prone to flash floods or mudslides, you can consider using gabions to help ensure the area remains safe and stable. Consider gabionsupply.com for help with constructing.

3. Lawn Care Journal

Weather changes, climate, and soil data could be crucial for making or destroying your landscape. Lawn Care Journal is an app developed to help you track different tasks across different properties allowing you to measure fertilizer and calculate application costs for every square foot in use. You get to save time and money with the app. It also monitors soil temperature and weather in real-time, so you are not operating blindly.

4. Landscaper

Landscaper is an app designed to help the user assess how much of what is needed for a particular project. It provides calculations based on the project area size and relevant measurements suited to your gardening needs. You can factor in the amount of mulch required, plants to be included in the garden, etc. The app gives you accurate calculations depending on the variables provided, meaning you can delegate these duties to someone else without worrying too much.

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