Why a PR Stunt is More Important for Brands Than We Think

A PR stunt’s main objective is to spread the news about a brand through word of mouth. Many big brands are replacing expensive digital marketing campaigns with publicity stunts, though some are also blending the two methods together for further impact. Nowadays, with firms like redesign.co as accessible as they are, this also makes sense as a marketing method. Either way, we have seen large-scale manufacturers, social media influencers, and renowned companies pulling this trick to gain traffic. With this in mind, let’s see what a PR stunt has to do with brand awareness.

Why A PR Stunt Is More Important For Brands Than We Think 1

Why Pull a Publicity Stunt?

Businesses entering the market can use a planned stunt to make huge sales. We all know the power of videos going viral. The PR stunt works in the same way and can propel a brand name into popularity. If we can nail on it, we may swap traditional promotion schemes that are often time-consuming and gain loyal followers. In the process, we would also garner a good number of clients.

Instant publicity calls for an outrageous, unusual, or hilarious activity worth of public attention. When executed adequately on social media, it provides a plethora of links from authority channels. This is great for SEO in the long run as well as short-term web traffic. Top entrepreneurs don’t disappoint when it comes to keeping their creative juices flowing. Some have covered everything from left-handed burgers to outrageous tattoos.

What Does it Take to Produce a Standout PR Stunt?

Some things make people smile. However, instant publicity is not just another fun idea to automatically get the journalists to publicize it. Here are ideas we can use for brand awareness through PR stunts.

Teasing Competitors

When poking fun at our competitors, we must be careful not to come out spiteful. There is no need to take pleasure in our rival’s setbacks. Nonetheless, we can create a buzz by publicly taunting our competitors in areas they have failed consumers.

Hijacking Events and Holidays

Whether it is a low-key holiday or a local event that may get newsworthy coverage, we can hijack occasions for instant brand awareness. The same concept applies when product companies jump onto bandwagons during political campaigns. For instance, Labor Day is a perfect day to promote products and services that encourage a hardworking nation. Other renowned events like World Cup and Oscars can bring some newsworthiness that we can leverage. The important thing is to connect to the event’s theme.

Breaking Records

The benefits of breaking a record range from team building to sales promotion and anniversaries. It doesn’t matter if a record has been around or not. We can be the first to create something unique for our clients. It can be as simple as the number of soda bottles balanced on the head while dancing to a new song.

Viral Event

We need to stop misusing the word viral, especially in social media. Success has nothing to do with luck when it comes to marketing. People will either check our commodities or not. But staging an event and releasing it on various platforms almost guarantee a simple video going viral. Apart from the many views on YouTube, we also benefit from countless shares on Facebook and Twitter. Viral events pay off when we put in the effort.

The Power of Celebrities

This may not be a cheap option, but we can grab attention by working with a big celebrity. We could have millions of an audience watching what a superstar does with our products. A good stunt with a star must be carefully planned. Timing is essential, and so is the relevance of the product/service.

A PR stunt is a creative marketing strategy that the audience should understand quickly. If we can’t explain it in a simple sentence, then the intended message may not reach as many people as we thought. It should have clear objectives from the intended reaction, target audience, to target sales. A good publicity stunt need not take a lot of money or a big brand. All we need is creativity. Other companies may have used it before. Even an old joke can put a whole nation and social media in an uproar.

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