Droid RAZR HD / RAZR Maxx HD (XT926) were GSM unlocked, but no AT&T and T-Mobile

For those who regularly travel abroad, Verizon Droid RAZR HD / RAZR Maxx HD would probably meet your needs, since this phone is GSM unlocked, so you can use a local SIM card while traveling outside the U.S. However, if you’re planning to purchase this device and then want to use any GSM provider in the U.S. such as T-Mobile or AT&T you will be disappointed, because it seems Verizon Wireless has locked the ability to use the smartphone with U.S. GSM carriers.

Droid RAZR HD RAZR Maxx HD XT926 were GSM unlocked but no ATT and T Mobile

When you pop a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card into the phone, it will recognize the SIM card and number without an unlocking code required, but it states that the SIM card is invalid, the GSM won’t do anything no call, data or text message.

As we know that Verizon has won the 700MHz spectrum, so they should keep all their 4G LTE devices unlocked, as they do on Apple iPhone 5 that can be used with any GSM carriers. We can only hope that the XT926 becomes a popular device, which can force Verizon to allow this device to work with any GSM carriers in the U.S.

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