4 Tips For Android Users

If you are an android user, you are probably used to Apple users looking down upon you or making fun of you, but you don’t care because you are aware of how versatile and superior Android products are.

Don’t worry about what others think, just do what you know is best for you and what makes you happy. And if that means owning exclusively Android products, so be it! Of course, as with any type of technology it is important to remember that there will always be a learning curve, and if you are new at Androids there may be some things you don’t know.

So here are 4 helpful tips for Android users.

Keep Track Of Costs

Aside from just paying your phone bill, it’s important to keep track of costs and fees associated with your Android. For example you may download a certain app thinking it is free but it could have a monthly subscription fee. Keep track of stuff like this and it won’t end up causing you any unnecessary stress. It’s no different than keeping a lookout for ATM processing fees and other service charges you may encounter in your daily life. Just be aware and you’ll end up saving yourself some money.

Check Apps

Unfortunately, not all apps are available on both Apple and Android, though many are. The great thing is that if you want a certain app that is excessive to Apple, you won’t have to make the switch to Apple because you will be able to find a very similar or nearly identical app that is made for Androids!

Learn How To Cast Your Screen

Figuring out how to cast your screen onto the television in your home may seem complicated, but on an Android it really isn’t. Ask a friend or search the internet for help and in no time you will easily be able to cast your screen so that you can read or watch whatever you want on any size screen!

Keep It Charged

No matter what type of smartphone you have – Android or otherwise – you should always remember to keep your phone charged. Charging it overnight is a good idea because that way it will have a full charge when you wake up and you won’t have to think about it or worry about it throughout the day. Make this a habit and your phone will always be charged when you need it.

Owning and using an Android can be a lot of fun and once you switch to Android it is said that you’ll never go back. Try these tips and that will be more true than ever before! Once you see what your phone is capable of you will love it more than you already do.

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