What Is The Complete Overview Of PMP Certification?

The internationally respected project management credentials known as the PMP evaluates a candidate’s ability to manage the personnel, processes, and commercial objectives of a professional project. There are reportedly over a million PMP members globally, according to the body that supervises the certification, the Project Management Institute. Almost all managers, including those in business, architecture, IT, & healthcare, must adhere to this rule. You must fulfil the experience criteria and pass the PMP certification test to receive the certification.

The following is important information concerning the certification:

Prerequisites For The PMP Designation

Your education & experience in project management must be verified before you can sit for the test. Here are some of them:

  • 35 hours of managing projects training, which refers to courses that focused primarily on project management learning goals. A Certified Associate in the Project Management credential may take its place.
  • if you hold a four-year degree, 36 months of project-management experience; if you hold a high school degree or an associate’s degree, 60 months of project-management experience.

Expenses Associated With Taking The PMP Test

The test cost $555 to non-PMI members since about 2022 & $405 for PMI members. The test was somewhat less expensive with membership in PMI since it cost $129 per year plus a $10 one-time administration fee.

PMP Test Preparation Training

Planning and dedication are required to study for the test; exam preparation manuals normally advise at least a couple of months of study time. You may study with the aid of a variety of programs, publications, and other tools. Details on how to study for the test are provided below.

Getting Your PMP Certification Renewed

The PMP certification has a three-year validity period, however, it may be maintained or renewed by accruing 60 PDUs—defined as hours spent on approved professional development activities—during that time.

Reasons To Go For PMP Certification In Canada

In the end, your particular situation will determine if a PMP certification would be beneficial to you professionally & financially. To aid you in making your choice, consider the following reason to go for PMP Certification in Canada:

  • Known in the industry: The PMP certification may demonstrate to potential employers or customers that you are knowledgeable about project management and possess the expertise and education necessary for a professional.
  • Acquiring fresh skills: As you study for the test, you’re also likely to pick up a lot of project management knowledge. Spending time learning the foundations of project management, such as budgeting and dispute resolution, may improve your project management abilities.

What Is The PMP Test Like?

Here is a summary of the topics covered in the June 2022 PMP certification exam.

With 180 total questions, 230 mins (3 hours 50 minutes), two 10-minute intervals, and a mix of multiple-choice, numerous, matching, hotspot, or limited fill-in-the-blank queries, this exam have it all.


By 2027, companies will need 87.7 million people to fill project management positions, according to a forecast created by PMI as well as the Anderson Economic Group. However, significant increases are also anticipated in the construction, information services, banking, and insurance industries along with the healthcare industry.

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