Tips To Succeed With Video Marketing And Branding In Competitive Markets

Including video marketing into your strategy can make you stand out from your competition. Because the entire market is saturated with brands, products and services, every small business is looking for that unique spark to help it stand out.

What is video marketing? It’s a strategy where you use videos to market your products and services, to improve engagement on social media and to better reach and educate your audience.

Video has become a very popular content marketing format in recent years. Now it encompasses 80% of internet traffic from consumers. It’s also encouraging to see the 100% yearly increase in mobile video consumption.

Video marketing becomes a chance for you to connect with the clients you want to have. When you need help, you can reach out to a professional team.

Let’s say you’re located in Los Angeles. You can hunt for the best professional branding services California has to offer which include video marketing services. You may be hesitant to add videos to promote yourself or your brand, but the benefits will convince you.

Here are 6 ways to help you succeed in your video marketing strategy journey.

1. Focus on knowing your audience

Marketing to anyone and everyone can mean marketing to no one. That’s particularly true when it comes to video marketing. Of course, you definitely saw some viral videos that “broke the internet” and you’d like to emulate that. But your strategy should also be helpful in achieving your actual goals (increase sales, traffic, etc.).

Before filming your videos, make sure to learn who your primary audience is and what it needs. Focus on finding out:

  • what language your audience uses
  • where they get their videos from
  • what their needs are, and what solutions you have for them.

After you understand your customer’s need and motivations, it will be easier for you to build a connection with them through video. Plus, you can create targeted videos that solve your customers’ questions.

2. Use consistent branding

Stay consistent with your branding when you make your own video scripts or when you ask for professional help with your video marketing strategy. It’s easier to convert when your audience is familiar with you or when they can easily recognize you.

A Brightcove research shows that 79% of users see video as one of the easiest ways to know an online brand. It also says that a little under 75% of users connect what they see in videos on social media with the purchases they make.

Moreover, 46% of them say they made a purchase after seeing a video online, on social media. And 32% thought about buying a product after seeing a video about it.

Figure out your best performing branding elements and always add them in your videos. Or look through a list of local trusted video production companies to help you figure out the best ways to integrate branding elements in your videos.

Once the audience sees them enough, they will become familiarized with them and, when a new video of yours pops up, they’ll immediately recognize your brand. And your work will be seen as professional. In time, your audience will trust your brand even more.

3. Create a story to tell with your video

Storytelling sells, so it’s very useful in video marketing. Most viewers can forget stats and technical numbers, but they are more likely to remember funny clips or inspirational quotes or stories that they feel connected to on an emotional level.

Stories are a means to understand everything around us, and they can represent an adequate way to describe complex ideas or situations.

You can work on explaining trends, sharing your success stories, showing or describing a process or getting personal and inspirational with your audience.

The first thing that you need to put this into perspective is to get your hands on a great video editing software. Without being able to do this, you will not have a video in the first place. You can either buy a subscription and end up overspending or draining your budgets. Or, you can use the Pirate Bay to download the video editing software and start using it immediately.

4. Consider using social proof

Social evidence helps customers make their decisions when they’re not completely convinced to take action. They’re more eager to act when they see other people’s experiences from the past with the same choices they ponder making today.

Social proof influences peoples’ decisions, including who they buy from or do business with. Before making a purchase, they look to what other people’s experience with the same product or service was.

Testimonials and reviews are very powerful when it comes to business. HostingCanada’s study shows that, in 2018, 93% of questioned businesses reported getting new customers thanks to videos on social media.

And it’s not just other people’s content, but also comments, likes or votes on your video content. If your budget allows, consider bringing in experts in your field or knowledgeable influencers in your videos.

5. Keep a clear topic in your videos

Because video content is so popular now, it can be a struggle to actually reach an audience. It’s important to grab a viewer’s interest from the first seconds they spend watching you.

Focus on expressing clearly what your video is about through your title and description. Be concise but informational enough to induce your viewer’s decision on watching your content or not.

If you prefer long-form video marketing content (that’s over 5 minutes long), provide an accurate synopsis where you focus on informational content. Highlight benefits and your key-points for the products or services you’re trying to sell.

6. Add a call-to-action

When you’re looking to convert, include very specific CTAs (calls-to-action). That’s where you tell the viewers to do something during or after finishing watching your video. If you don’t add a CTA, most viewers will just leave for the next video, without checking you out, even if your content was informational and engaging.

CTAs increase engagement from viewers and they’re usually placed at the end of a video. They can look unique and have different purposes. You can inspire your viewers to do different things, like:

  • ask them to answer a question in your comments section
  • direct them to another video or piece of content
  • send viewers to your site or a specific landing page
  • ask them to connect with your other social media channels
  • offer free trials, if possible.


Video content has become an essential segment of digital marketing, because it allows you to personally connect with your customers. So when you apply video marketing strategies across your social media, there’s a high chance you’ll get more conversions. More people get to know you and your business better, too.

Video content creation is really simple now, with all the apps and devices at your disposal. And it’s affordable, too. Some effort, time and a good strategy can help you release the video content you’ve been dreaming of. And that shows your value to prospective clients.

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