The 2 Sides of the Cyberspace Coin

Cyberspace Coin Awareness

Cyberspace has two very different sides that one should be aware of and understand thoroughly. One side is the fun and exhilarating one with so many innovations on the roster and more introduced frequently. The other is the darker side that often uses the first one to achieve its malicious objectives.

The First Side of the Coin, on the Surface

This side of the coin is what most are aware of regarding the Internet or Cyberspace. It is the FUN FUN FUN side, and it is also the super EXCITING side with limitless possibilities.

Even with the evident increased use and applications and the ever-growing internet involvement with almost every aspect of our lives, there are still many with VPN free Android and iOS devices and more. This should not come as a surprise because many users do not have a full understanding of what the Cyberspace coin entails. As a result, they do not take the time to test out and download security-related applications such as the likes of VPNs and antimalware applications. We will delve more into why VPN products are essential when we talk about the second side of the Cyberspace coin.

The Advent of IoT

With the advent of IoT or the Internet of Things, also known as HoT or Home of Things, more and more technology and gadget lovers are always looking for the most incredible new IoT technologies out there for their home car, van, SUV, garden, and much more. Cyberspace has global e-sports tournaments, online gaming, and virtual worlds for all ages, and the list keeps growing.

Online Offerings

Learning new languages has become an experience that pairs with high-quality content, entertainment and gamification. Online entertainment options are growing, with new streaming services added to the roster regularly with more original content created than ever.

Streaming music services offer artists a stage never seen before and democratizing the process of getting known. Other music services have over 60 Million songs available, providing the music lover with the ultimate platform for entertainment.

The infinite innovative nature of the cybersphere is grand in proportions. I would guess that futurists are working overtime trying to predict the next big thing or invention that will create the perfect technological storm for the big technology players.

There are also those with a laptop and desktop and a home network that is VPNfree, which is why I will delve into the other side of the coin.

The Second Side of the Coin, Beneath the Surface

For many aspects of life, one should never forget and consider both sides of the coin. It is no different when it pertains to Cyberspace and related privacy and security.

On the surface, it sounds like a delicious CINNAMON and SUGAR coating on one side of the Internet or Cyberspace coin. There is so much for the average user to learn when using the limitless platform called Cyberspace. There are so many risks and dangers regarding Internet use for personal and business alike, that I thought a list would provide a starting for understanding the second side of the coin.

The Second Side of the Cyberspace Coin List

  • Social engineering schemes could be successful at accessing your sensitive data.
  • Public, “free” WiFi access in malls, restaurants, hotels and cafes can be very costly. After all, all of your activity and data can be intercepted as it is travelling through their routers.
  • Your ISP could be tracking all of your activity and selling that information to advertisers for handsome profits off your back.
  • Your IoT devices such as home security cameras can be easily hacked, impacting your privacy and personal security.
  • Scary ransomware attacks, that pose a real threat to your data.
  • Many malicious applications, disguising as a free tool, can steal your data and modify your system.
  • A cybercriminal could track you with every key stroke, collecting your user ids and passwords to anything from your online banking account to all of your social media and email accounts.

As this list explicitly states, the other or second side of the Cyberspace coin could be a very dark one indeed, strongly contrasting the first one. By securing all your devices with the best VPN services and other security and privacy measures, you can reap the benefits of the first side of the Cyberspace coin with significantly less worry and concern. So, stay safe and secure, and enjoy the ride.

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