Is Facebook Effective To Run Business?

Facebook is one of many popular social media that people use to share news, share thoughts and views, ands also to run a business. Most of social media is free. People do not have to print banner or rent billboard to promote their business. This way is great for those who just start a new small business. There are so many things you can do through Facebook. You can share you business with free account or buy Facebook ads to get a more effective promotion. Everything is in your hand.

Image to Boost Followers

Images speak louder than words. You need to keep this in mind when promoting business. In social media itself, visual is five times more effective to gain followers than another way. It even can attract random followers, which means that your product will be known even for everyone you do not aim before. Images can create a great impact. It is an effective communication.

It is important to keep updated once a day. Yet, you have to remember that social media is communities. You do not have to provide all images you want to post. Ask your customers to contribute it for you. Let them post the videos or images which are relevant to the product you have. The happy customer is powerful. Let them share what they feel about your product, and how it can affect to their life. Let them post the images of their happiness, and let people know that you are a great shop. This way will increase your followers, it also increases traffic to your websites or Facebook page. It also triggers more organic sharing to your social media.

Respond the Content

Respond to every post made by the customers is a must. A few words to say thank you and how you feel that you know them happy will be very important for the customers. It shows that you care about them and care about the service you make. Listen to what they say and notice every post they make. If they complaint, also give them respond.

There are some things you can do to get engaged to your customers. Besides responding the posts, ask them how they feel when using certain products. Give them your hash tag. It makes the customers easy when searching it on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Follow them, and discover what makes them interested. It is a great way to know what your customers really want.

Share your activities of your company on your Facebook. You can create a behind the scenes moment or create a video which shows what you do with the company and how you love your business.

How Often You Have to Post

Just post once a day to your Facebook page. What you have to do is just showing that you are there. Posting too many posts will make people begin to switch off the notification. Remember that Facebook is a visual platform, your images must be interesting and attractive. Create a call to action to encourage people leave their comments, shares, and likes on your posts.

Is Facebook Effective?

An owner of a small business say that Facebook is really effective. This shop is run in rural location, and Facebook helps them to be known. It really increases the marketing reach. The post the latest news, the picture of their food, the forthcoming menus, reviews, and also special promotions to their Facebook page. People comment and say that they are looking forward to visit this small restaurant soon. Facebook or other social media are able to rise customers’ brand awareness, to grow the interest, and to attract people head to that remote yet fantastic restaurant.

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