How To Improve Your Experience Using A Macbook

If you are not that familiar with using a MacBook, switching to this device from another computer might seem like a big change, especially if Windows are the only operating system you are familiar with.

Nevertheless, once you get the hang of your Mac, you will realize just how much this laptop has to offer and how convenient it is to use. And if you want to improve the experience using the computer even more, use the tips mentioned in this article.

Know-How to Convert and Edit Files

There are not that many instances when you might need to convert files from one format to another. However, if you want to free up some drive space, you might want to compress certain files to make them smaller.

Some applications might not open certain file formats certainly. For example, you might not edit certain photo formats on Photoshop.

If you listen to music and other audio, a music converter that converts various audio format files into MP3 might also be useful since MP3 files require less space, meaning that you can store more files on your computer.

A mac editable pdf tool is another thing you might need. Turning a document into a PDF is quite common since the PDF format works on any operating system, is smaller in size, and can be protected with a password.

Invest in Accessories

Investing in accessories is not necessarily a popular approach among MacBook owners. Some of them believe that having the laptop itself is enough to accommodate their needs. There is a trackpad that replaces a mouse, and the keyboard is integrated.

Nevertheless, Mac owners who are aiming to improve their experience using the laptop should consider spending some money on third-party accessories.

Getting an external monitor could be quite useful since some MacBook models have pretty lackluster screens size-wise. Using an iPad as a second display is also one of the options, thanks to the Sidecar feature.

A mouse might come in quite handy as well, especially if you ever want to play video games on your MacBook.

Then you have AirPods that are great for enjoying a better audio quality. Besides, you can use AirPods not just with the MacBook but with your other Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

Finally, there is a cooling pad. When you notice that the MacBook is overheating or making too much noise, cleaning the dust inside might not always do the trick to fix the problem. If you live in a poorly ventilated room and use the computer in it, a cooling pad is pretty much a must to have.

Download More Applications

The set of built-in Mac tools is quite neat. You have Spotlight, iMovie, Finder, Grapher, Dictionary, GarageBand, and Dictation, to name a few.

However, these integrated applications might not be enough to accommodate all your needs. If so, do not hesitate and check out the Official Mac App store. There is a plethora of available applications there, and you should be able to find some great apps even if you are a picky person.

Entertainment, education, lifestyle, finances, healthy lifestyle, and other categories have both free and paid apps that you can discover.

Also, keep in mind that you should keep the applications updated for more optimal performance. Whenever a new app version is out, download and install it.

Maintain the Computer in Good Condition

If you purchase a second-hand Mac, you will likely run into some performance problems. At the same time, even a brand new model will start to underperform after a while.

While some issues are more manageable than others, it is still quite annoying to use a computer that crashes, freezes, or even restarts randomly, not to mention slow overall running speed.

Keeping the MacBook in good shape should be one of your priorities, and there are few things that you need to emphasize:

  • Drive space. Make sure that there is enough free disk space since having only a few gigabytes of free storage will ruin the overall performance. Remove files or transfer data to external storage.
  • Clean the dust inside. Removing the filth that accumulates inside the MacBook over time will reduce the burden on the internal hardware, particularly the fans.
  • Check for malware and viruses. While macOS is not as prone to cybersecurity threats, it is still necessary to keep tabs on potential attacks and deal with them.
  • Limit background apps. Your Mac has a finite amount of resources, and you need to close background processes to preserve these resources. Doing so will improve the computer’s performance and increase the MacBook’s battery lifespan.

By creating a proper Mac maintenance strategy, you will not have to worry about running into various performance issues that will be a hindrance to your enjoyment of using the MacBook.

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