5 Ways Technology Is Used To Locate Plumbing Problems

There are several ways to locate plumbing problems. However, the most common way to do so is through technology. A plumber will typically rely on these five technologies to find issues with your pipes and sink.

1) High-Tech Drain Cameras

These are cameras typically attached to the end of a hose. They allow you to view what is going on on the other side of the pipe more clearly than you can otherwise. It can be beneficial when trying to diagnose a clog or other problem that occurs above your sink.

Additionally, a sewer camera inspection can be used to check the condition of your plumbing. Through a sewer camera inspection, a plumber can quickly assess any damage, leakages, or blockages that may have developed in your sewer line.

2) High-Tech Tools

These are tools that can assess the condition of your piping. Many of these will measure the pressure in your lines, the presence of leaks and blockages, or the amount of water being used. They also can confirm that you have enough water pressure and determine whether or not you are getting enough hot water. These tools can be handy when pinpointing a plumbing issue with any pipe. Furthermore, these tools are also commonly used to determine if there is a need for upgrading the piping with new technology or parts.

3) High-Tech Fixtures

A high-tech toilet doesn’t just save water, but it also has sensors that allow it to flush when you leave the room and even use less power than old models. These are devices that use technology to perform a specific plumbing task. They are often quite affordable and can be pretty helpful in simplifying pipes or solving problems. For instance, some water-saving lever handle faucets can reduce the water used and help cut down on inevitable leaks.

4) Sound-Based Leak Detection

It is a relatively new technology that is now being implemented in manufacturing faucets and other water fixtures. This technology allows you to locate leaks based on their sounds. The noise of the leak itself will cause vibrations in your pipes which are heard using sound wave detection equipment. This technology can be beneficial when finding small leaks or locating plumbing issues in your home.

5) High-Tech Inspections

A high-tech inspection is an inspection that uses some form of advanced technology to detect the presence of problems or other issues. For instance, an infrared camera can locate the presence of moisture. This way, it can be utilized during an inspection, allowing a plumber to search for mold, mildew, and other moisture issues before they get too bad. It also will enable problems to be located easily and quickly.

Like any other business, plumbing is often very competitive. Having the latest and most remarkable technologies for locating plumbing problems can significantly determine which plumber you should hire or which company you should use. However, some of these high-tech fixtures can also offer you the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money over time.

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