5 Benefits of a GPS Tracker

Managing a fleet is a complex task that creates a daunting experience for fleet managers. Constant issues, zero visibility, and paperwork make the task even more difficult. GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) tracker is an answer to this flaw in fleet management.

It has provided major advantages to fleet control process. The majority of these profits are capability linked, supporting businesses to lessen costs and improving earning power. The following are the 5 advantages of GPS tracking gadgets for fleet control.

1. Produce route optimization

GPS tracking devices can pinpoint a vehicle’s location accurately by comparing its coordinates. The statistics can be used to calculate the vehicle’s direction of movement and its speed. This essentially means that you have accurate actual time data for each vehicle in your fleet. By monitoring navigation, fleet managers can optimize routes for their vehicles by sending ideal routes their vehicles can take. It allows drivers to avoiding delays caused by structure, traffic jams, or even accidents, saving fuel costs.

2. Minimize fuel Expenses

Petrol expenses are among the essential levies for fleet control, but a GPS tracker such as LiveView GPS can help you cut fuel; thus, helping you to save a lot of money. This device is developed by LiveViewGPS firm, focusing on providing reliable GPS trackers and systems to businesses, consumers, government, and law enforcement agencies.

They use advanced GPS tracking solutions like high-resolution image mapping and technologies that give comprehensive historical playback, notify idle times, monitor speed, and maintenance alerts. This is a vital tool in reducing fuel costs.

GPS tracking systems enable you to minimize the inactive momen that your fleet of vehicles would spend on traffic jams by supplying the best path for your drivers to consider while on the highway.

3. Improves security and driver’s accountability

By using the tracking device, you are assured of the protection of your fleet of vehicles. GPS tracking device allows you to monitor aggressive and unsafe driving. Therefore, you can detect a issue with a driver first you are hit up with a costly repair bill as a result of weak driving habits.

Some companies have optimized the tracker to include regulations based on the driver scorecard feature. This scorecard feature includes other data, such as rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

You will also track the driver’s arrival to the destination and compare it with the speculated time expected for arrival. It will ensure your drivers are not taking scenic routes or padding their hours. Law enforcers can also use the device to track criminals if you lose your property.

4. Boost efficiency and productivity

Efficiency is boosted due to reduced paperwork. With the use of a tracking device, everything goes digital because real-time data is sent to the server and can be retrieved at the user end with the help of mobile applications or websites. There will be no point recording anything manually because every statistic is autonomously computed and stored by an application.

Efficiency will boost productivity as every data is analyzed and represented in charts, enabling fleet managers to interpret them easily. It is easy for managers to pinpoint situations that are likely to cost them and rectify them as soon as possible. The drivers will perform at their full potential because of improved response time when dealing with customers by selecting the closest vehicle. It provides prompt service and will go a long way to have an impression of improved customer service.

5. Improves lifecycle management and vehicle utilization

Lifecycle management is a crucial element for efficient fleet management. A vehicle tracking system will provide accurate information on both vehicle and driver, and therefore lifecycle management is easy. Fleet managers can achieve greater visibility into their operations by monitoring vehicles with GPS tools.

They can determine the location of each vehicle and use data to make decisions and increase efficiency. With the plethora of information from your vehicle tracking system, the data will guide you on maximizing the benefits of the vehicle by reducing consumption costs. Eventually, this will lead to better vehicle utilization.


GPS tracker has enabled many fleet managers to stay ahead of their game due to its endless benefits. The benefits of route optimization, security and driver’s accountability, reduced fuel costs, productivity and efficiency increase, and improvement of lifecycle management and vehicle utilization are invaluable to any fleet owner.

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