3 Tips to Help You Start a Career Streaming Video Games

While many young people have seen the meteoric rise of stars like Ninja and found themselves inspired to give streaming a try, most people don’t realize how difficult it is to become a successful streamer. The amount of patience, hard work, and commitment required isn’t something that everyone is able to handle, but it’s important to be prepared for it if you’re serious about making gaming your profession. Between the equipment you need, the competition involved, and the time commitment it requires, it isn’t easy for gamers to make money as streamers. If you’re interested in streaming and don’t know exactly where to start, read on for three simple tips to help you start your career streaming video games.

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1. Invest in your equipment.

When you’re playing on your own, issues like input lag, frame rate drops, and low picture quality can be irritating, but if you’re a professional streamer, they can be major problems that keep viewers from tuning in. While PCs are common with streamers, the number of exclusives on gaming consoles mean that even PC gamers need to invest in both a computer and a console. Finding a PS5 or an XBox Series X might be tough, but viewers want to see you playing the latest games with high-quality equipment. When it comes to new technology like the latest Playstation and XBox Series consoles, it’s worth it to spend the extra time and money on making sure you have a preorder.

Many streamers also say that even when using a gaming console, a high-quality gaming TV screen can improve performance in game mode. Look into what the best TV for gaming is and what setup will keep your console running smoothly. Even smaller components, like the quality of your HDMI cables, can make a big difference. Lag, poor brightness or color balance, inaccurate response time, and sync-related issues can bring down even the best stream. Even a difference of a few milliseconds can affect performance and image quality.

2. Prioritize your branding.

The gaming industry, and especially the streaming industry, is incredibly crowded with talent, which means it’s going to take some work to make sure you stand out to gamers. One of the first steps you need to take is to go about hiring a graphic designer to handle all the art and graphic needs for yourself and your channel. The image quality and creativity of your designs is important, especially if you want to help capture attention online.

Online picture storage services can be a great option to help you store and share your graphics easily. Don’t compromise on pixels, higher resolution, or file size when it’s simple to backup everything you need with unlimited storage and keep your photos, videos, and other files from taking up too much space on your hard drive. You’d be surprised by how many folders, photo albums, and media you’ll need to create and post regularly in order so sustain a career as an online entertainer, so it’s always best to be prepared with a storage solution.

3. Be consistent and on time.

One of the most important things a streamer can do is create and stick to a consistent streaming schedule. Think of your stream like a TV show. People need to know when to tune in, and people make their favorite programs a part of their daily routine. Pros know that persistence and consistency are just as important as talent and opportunity. Engaging your fans and creating repeat viewers should be one of your highest priorities when you’re just starting out. This kind of loyalty is what translates into subscriptions.

The streaming industry requires a lot of effort and investment to get started, but the rewards can be great. It’s essential to make sure you have all the equipment you need to transition from playing on your video game console to having a channel that thousands of people tune in to watch. Not only that, but your investment in branding and self-promotion can be the difference between making it or not. Ultimately, the product you’re selling is your ability to entertain, so create a schedule, stick to it, and be patient as your audience grows. While streaming is a new industry and the amount of competition can make it challenging to break through, it’s more than possible to build a profitable and sustainable career streaming video games.

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