Types of Wine for your Wedding Banquet with Gift Labels



According to some experts, there are only three types of wines: white, red and rosé. However, there are also the calm ones (without bubbles) and the sparkling ones (like Champagne or Cava). When you go out in your search, you will find an endless variety of strains, gray, green, maceration, fermentation, appeals, degrees of alcohol, winegrowing, character or tannin and terroir.

 That is, a whole universe to discover that can start from now. Especially if they are at the gates of your vintage wedding decoration ceremony and do not plan to resort to a professional in the matter, that is, a sommelier or a winemaker. Also because it could be expensive and between the wedding cake and the rental of the suit and your wedding dress, there is no time or money to make panic about all these kind of sorts wine bottle gift labels or designs just get in touch with that wine design directly and get relief from all the tensions.

However, they do not need to be experts to have the basics before choosing the best pairings, even more so after reading this quick guide of wine bottle gift labels for beginners.

Effervescent Wine for your Toast

Every toast is made with a petulant or effervescent, like the world famous Champagne. Local appeal attributed by the French town where it is produced, called Champagne. However, despite its prestige, it is still a white wine with bubbles, perhaps the most expensive of all.

White wine

The calm white wine, that is, without foam, is served very cold. A ceviche, with sushi, seafood and white meats like turkey or chicken, but lightly seasoned. They could also serve it in a marriage on the beach,

As it is a spirit drink that refreshes, in which case it is better if it is semi-dry, as it is gentler on the palate. The dry one could be reserved for their cheeses, especially the goat cheese.

Red wine

Red wine is said to go only with red meats such as beef or canard Margret or duck breast, but it is not entirely true. It can also accompany white meats of turkey, pork and chicken when they are rich in species, that is, when they are well seasoned. It is the faithful companion of strong cheeses, do not forget. It is served at the time, do not think to refrigerate it.

Its temperature is so important that the ideal would be to open the bottle 30 minutes before serving it. The more character the flavor has, it will be the perfect companion to the most spicy and spicy dishes.

Pink wine

Rosé wine can be dry or semi-dry and is served chilled / chilled. It is a lighter drink than red and is preferred by women. However, the reality is that it is so refreshing in summer that they could put it on their tables after the meal. It is perfect with desserts like your 2019 wedding cake and other cold snacks.

Fizzy Pink Wine for Desserts or Snacks

Wine is one of the spirits that best matches a wedding banquet. It has class, invites you to enjoy and emphasizes the different national and international dishes, their ingredients, meats, aromas and preparations. It is well worth putting the care into your choice. Just as they have done with that fantastic wedding decoration and even their invitation card designs. And you can find new wine bottle gift labels for the wedding and any kind of celebration.

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