What Tools are out there for the Graphic Designer?


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For those who have reverted to designing on computers, the good news is that technology is keeping up with creativity. CAD is still going strong and there are other manual tools and digital software solutions that can aid you. From graphics tablets to software such as the meshmixer download. A clever download that helps with 3-D design.

A Graphic Designer’s Tools of the Trade

As a graphic designer, you will want many tools at your disposal. These will include a notebook and erasable pencil to initially sketch your ideas, creative software to bring them to life, and a large high definition monitor to see just what it is that you are creating. An external hard drive will be essential to store images which take far more space up on your computer than numerous lengthy text documents. Wacom tools, such as a graphics tablet, will allow the graphic designer to draw by hand and then capture that image in digital form. In its most simplistic form, it is used by business personnel to capture their electronic signatures, which are then attached to a letter and sent by email. As a system to work on, you might want to consider an iMac Pro, which acts as an all-in-one workstation and personal computer.

The Advantages of CAD

Standing for Computer Aided Design, CAD increases productivity, allows for the production of higher quality design which can be reused or easily changed, is easy to read, and provides simplified sharing and documenting of the designs that are created. It allows for physical objects to be designed with accuracy in a virtual workspace. Objects can be designed in 3-D and viewed from all angles. As with a word processor, the ability to change things without having to completely re-do them is invaluable. As a designer you do not always know how something will look, or work, until you see it as a completed draft.

There is a useful article available that explains about CAD, for those who would like to know more about it. Assuming, though, that you have perhaps already converted to computers for designing, we shall explore further the other aids available to the tech savvy designer.

Software Solutions

Meshmixer is a useful free piece of software that is available as a download. It is available to anyone with a mind for design, who draws digitally as part of their job or as a hobby. This clever download will clean up 3D scans, create 3D print models, and in addition, design any object that the mind can see, draw, or is able of studying. It allows its user to create the 3D models on screen and then to correct them as required. It is perfect for creating 3D models in relation to existing volume, which can be combined using easy-to-master digital tools.

Procreate has been designed for the iPad to allow the perfect touch. By adding an Apple Pencil to the toolkit, you can achieve the finest digitally artistic drawings. You can literally create what you want and how you want it.

A monitor calibrator is useful, too. It will measure and adjust the computer monitor’s colours to match common standards. A spectrophotometer that hangs off your screen will measure the colour. The calibrator will work using computer software to main the colour of these images.

So, with all these aids at the graphic designer’s disposal, more time can now be devoted to dreaming up ideas, and less to working out how they can be realised on screen. The tools are all available to make life easier. There is no need to keep re-drawing everything, it can easily be changed and adapted on screen to suit projects as they develop.

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