Predictive Dialer for a better working call center


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What is a predictive dialer?

Predictive dialers are smart call processing and managing tools. They are using a list of telephone numbers to call customers automatically. So basically by using data they can predict how many numbers a single agent needs to call at a time to make the business beneficial.

However a call center software with predictive dialer is not the same as an autodialer. The first difference between them is that a predictive dialer can call multiple numbers at the same time. Also, their best aspect is that they use metrics to forecast when the agent can make the next call without manually typing it.

Based on previous call activity the software uses algorhitms to presume the exact time, when the agent will be ready for the next call. They help call center agents to move from one call to another without loosing time, reducing dialing to only a few seconds.

What are the benefits of a predictive dialer?

Boost up your active talking time!

When it comes to sales, the more you can talk about your product or your service the better rates you make on sales. For example, VCC Live Predictive Dialer can help agents spend most of their worktime on the phone. By the time an agent finishes a call, the next is already in line. Without manual typing agents can save a lot of minutes in an hour. Furthermore the cloud software can handle considarable amount of numbers at any given moment.

Better Agent Efficiency

With predicted calls agents spend way less time waiting for the next customer. In a manual system routing time can be drawn-out. It takes around 30 seconds just to type in one number which can still lead to missed calls.

A predictive dialer such as VCC Live’s cloud based system figures it all out so agents can focus more on selling. This part leads to our final advantage: better customer experience.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer experience can say a lot more about a company than anything else. Good news, that you can make better impression on your customers using a predictive dialer.

For example you can contact the customers at a preferred time or you can offer them products that they are actually interested in. All this based on analytics and data. But still, with personalized offers and tracked call history you can easily aquire loyal customers, who are going to be more than satisfied with your brand.

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