How To Install Google Now and Voice Search on ICS (AOSP or Non-AOSP ROM)


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Google Now and Voice Search is the new features on Jelly Bean update that makes another users who are still in the ICS to be envious, this features is a new Google experience on Android devices. With Voice Search you can ask anything to your device and your device will talk back to you with the sound, and Google Now tell traffic, train schedules and weather at your place even before you start your day.

This application is made for devices with Android 4.1 only, however some developers have managed to make it work on Android 4.0 both AOSP ROM (CyanogenMod, MIUI) and non-AOSP ROM like HTC Sense. The main requirement to be able to install and run this apps is the device ICS firmware and have got root access since it will be installed on the system partition. There are two ways to use this apps, download a flashable zip file here and then in a flash it through a custom recovery (CWM, TWRP, 4ext, etc).

Then, if you prefer to do it manually, you must know in advance whether your devices has ARMv6 processor (which is usually owned by a single-core devices) or ARMv7 (which is owned by a device with dual-core processor) for more details you can read it on Wikipedia, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Root File Explorer or ES File Explorer and do the backup file “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” in the /system app/ by renaming the extension from apk to bak.
  2. Download the apk file here and rename it to “GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk” and copy the folder /system/app/ and set permissions to rw-r-r (0644).
  3. Reboot your device, then download and install the Voice Search here.

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