How to enable tethering on AT&T Xperia Ion (LT28at) with ICS firmware


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Many Sony Xperia Ion users were pleased when their phone gets official update to Ice Cream Sandwich a few weeks ago, possibly because ICS brings major changes such as simple yet beautiful User Interface plus some additional features that make this phone more useful. Unfortunately there’s still no tethering feature, especially on AT&T branded Xperia Ion (LT28at), in order to take advantage of this feature you should subscribe to an AT&T tethering plan.


So the problem isn’t from LT28at’s hardware limitations, but the problem come from stock AT&T firmware that limiting this feature, if you still run an ICS firmware with build number 6.1.C.1.105 or 6.1.C.1.107, this mean you will not be able to employ this feature.

If you really need a tethering feature to run on Xperia Ion (LT28at), then you’ve to flash your phone with international generic firmware made for mobile devices with model number LT28h (Chinese version). Here are some steps you need to do in case you still want to use this feature on the AT&T branded Ion:

    • Download Gingerbread Firmware International (LT28i) build number 6.0.F.0.111.
    • Download ICS Firmware – Generic International (LT28h) build number 6.1.E.0.233.
    • Flash Gingerbread firmware (6.0.F.0.111) using Flashtool, Important!! Wipe everything (data, cache, apps log) and with no exclude.

      Flash 6.0.F.0.111 Firmware

    • Flash again with ICS firmware by using Flashtool, Important!! Wipe everything and exclude baseband. Have no idea how to use Flashtool? head to this tutorial.

      Flash firmware ICS 6.1.E.0.233

  • Done.

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