6 Cleaning Tips for Extending the Life of Your Handgun


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As a firearm owner, you should ensure that your handgun is maintained correctly. If you fail to clean the firearm well, you may end up with a firearm that doesn’t shoot when needed. The firearm may also go off unexpectedly.

Below are tips on how to extend the life of your handgun:

  1. Use the Right Stuff

Most firearm owners usually come up with their cleaning solutions, and it is not recommended at all. There are products in the market that can be used to clean the firearm. The firearm is supposed to withstand extreme friction and heat, which means it should be well-lubricated.

  1. Removing the Debris

Most people don’t have access to a vat that can be used to soak the firearm in a sonic cleaner, which means it will be hard to scrub the entire handgun. The best option is to use a solvent-soaked toothbrush. As you clean the firearm, you should be gentle. Do not clean the gun with extreme force as you try to clear the debris.

  1. Wipe it Down

The firearm’s external parts need to be well maintained too, which is easier than cleaning the inner parts of the gun. You can use an oily cloth to get rid of the signs of external wear and rust. The cloth is supposed to be soaked using gun oil. Afterward, the gun will look like it’s a brand new one. You should also check for any loose screws as you wipe down the firearm.

  1. Unload the Gun

Ensure that you have unloaded the gun when it is not being used. If you have a permit that requires you to conceal the firearm, the magazine should be switched at least every four months. Ensure that you have fired the handgun at close range every few weeks to ensure it is working well and focus on improving your skills.

  1. Check the Handgun Often

In most cases, people who engage in hunting usually check the gun before and after using it. Since there are people who carry firearms for other reasons, they should also check their handguns often. A gun will be clogged by debris depending on the environment it has been exposed to. As a daily courier, you should conduct a cursory inspection to ensure that your gun is in the desirable condition.

  1. Read the Manual

Well, reading a manual is not as interesting. However, to ensure that your newly acquired handgun will be in good condition at all times, you have to read through the entire document. The manual equips you with enough knowledge on how to disarm and arm the gun. Also, you will learn more about how to ensure the gun is working perfectly. If you have acquired a used firearm, you can contact the manufacturer, and they will provide you with the manual. You can also search online, and you’ll get the manual within a short period.

There are different types of guns, and they are not disassembled in a similar manner, which means the manual will come in handy. The manual will guide you, and you will not end up breaking any part of the gun as you disassemble it.

Final Thoughts

Additional factors to consider to extend the life of your firearm include adding light grease. The grease should be added to the mechanical parts of the firearm. Some people believe that adding grease will interfere with how the firearm usually operates. Well, there is no evidence to back up these assumptions. Ensure you have used anti-corrosion grease, and it should be applied onto the sliding parts of the firearm. The manual will also enlighten you about the proper grease to use for your handgun.

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