Why Is Password Manager Software The Best Thing For Your Security



Steps to improve Internet security

We are witnessing more and more frequent cyber attacks, and everything indicates that things will not change shortly, which will be even worse. To partially reduce the risk and make the job more difficult for hackers, it is necessary to constantly adjust the IT security system, but also to educate users. While there is no simple answer when it comes to security in the digital world, there are certainly certain steps that can reduce risk and improve the security of your system.

Many attacks are based on the shortcomings of the operating system. Hackers are constantly trying to find “holes” in the OS that they would later use to attack. However, software companies are constantly testing their software and looking for their shortcomings. If you update the system regularly, a large number of attacks will be stopped.

One of the first prerequisites for online security is the creation of strong and unique passwords. However, given the number of services we use, it is not always easy to remember all those passwords. The solution is Password Manager, i.e. software that stores all your passwords. For example, Keeper Password Manager allows you to remember only one master password for that security tool, and other passwords will be available to you through this software. Alternatively, you can use paper. Yes, there are several dangers: loss of paper with passwords, the possibility of someone seeing the password, but for users who are untrustworthy when it comes to the password manager, this is the best possible alternative. There are many other advantages of the mentioned program, double authentication, connection with other devices, filling in files and forms (automatically), simplicity of the user interface.

Often an attack starts by clicking on a link we received via email from an unknown or seemingly known sender. The so-called phishing attack is often carried out in this way. A good way to check if the link from the mail leads to the page indicated in the message is to hover over the link with the mouse cursor. When you position the mouse cursor on the link in the lower-left corner, a temporary window will appear with the right address to which the link leads.

If you back up regularly, you will be in a much better position when it comes to IT security. It is recommended that you backup your data in several ways, necessarily one on a device that is completely disconnected from the network and connects to the network only when needed, and a few on cloud services.

Internet security     

The appearance of computer viruses, network intrusions, or interruptions in the operation of IT systems can lead a company to a financial cost and cost it its reputation, although different companies have different threats.

If the threats are not foreseen and they are not responded to in a fast and quality way, competitiveness in the business world, and even the very survival of the business, will be endangered.

Internet security can no longer be viewed in isolation from real-world security. The damage that occurs as a result of a cyber attack is very real and causes real consequences in the physical world as well. However, due to the specifics related to the technology, types, perpetrators, and victims of such attacks, the issue of cybersecurity requires special care of all those who deal with the Internet.

Cybersecurity is in the focus of the interest of modern society thanks to the rapid expansion of the number of Internet users, which repeated the old truth that technology can be both useful and threatening. What can be used for the benefit of society, can be used to its detriment.

The accompanying effect of the sudden integration of the Internet into almost all forms of human activity is the increased vulnerability of modern society to cyber attacks. The Internet is part of a critical global infrastructure and many other important services of modern society (e-Commerce, e-Banking…) are increasingly dependent on the Internet and are a frequent target of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity considerations       

Cybersecurity can be considered according to three criteria:

  • Type of action (data interception, interference with data reception, illegal access, espionage, data destruction, sabotage, denial of services, identity theft)
  • Type of perpetrator (hackers, cybercriminals, cyber terrorists)
  • Target type (individuals, companies, public institutions, government agencies, critical infrastructure)

Privacy and data protection are inseparable issues for Internet security. Data protection is a legal mechanism.

Privacy is the right of every citizen to control and decide on their personal information (to keep or disclose it) and is a basic human right.

Digital system security is affected by several factors. Apart from the technological ones, there are also the habits of the users, and for the system to be safe, we should do something ourselves.

Each user leaves certain traces during their online activities, a ‘shadow’ that follows him as he moves through cyberspace. In a digital environment, similar to a non-digital one, these shadows give certain characteristics to the owner of the shadow. Shadow analysis can provide certain information that is important to attackers whose goal is to enter a certain system. The advantage of the digital environment is that users can to some extent control the shape of their shadow if they take care of certain things.

Respect the privacy of others on the Internet, do not access networks for which you do not have the authorization, even if you have somehow obtained login information. This does not mean that you have been authorized.

Do not use pirated software. If you do not want to pay, look for the open-source variant. At least take a quick look at the terms of use before clicking “accept”.

Don’t live in your comfort zone. Sometimes it is worth investing a little time and effort and learning the basics about how to be safe online.

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