What to Consider When Buying a Flash Lamp



Lighting is one of the challenging things about photography. It’s always the thing that can make or break a photograph. There are numerous issues when you shoot with an in-built flash on the camera. The pictures tend to appear washed out, have red-eye, among other hitches. Using the in-built flash makes harsh shadows and offers you a flat looking picture.

External flash lamps are photographic tools that can be utilized to compensate for the pop-up flash. They offer superior control over exposure and lighting of the pictures, even in a low light shooting environment.

Here are some of the things to consider when searching for a flash lamp.


In the past, purchasing a flash lamp was easy. If you needed to purchase the Speedlight, then you had to purchase it from the camera maker. Currently, the situation has changed since the market has been flooded with many other firms that sell flash lamps. So, you can choose to purchase the Speedlight by the manufacturer or buy the one solved by third-party firms.

While the flash lamps sold by canon or Nikon are costly compared to the third-party companies, most photographers think they are the best since they last long, strong, and more compatible with DSLRs. Nevertheless, even those third party flash lamps these days are increasingly offering competition to the established brand names in terms of durability and performance. Another perk is that they are affordable.

Flash Life and Longevity

Flash lamps are like bulbs since they have a limited life before they are worn out and stop functioning. Therefore, before buying any flash lamp, be it of any firm or model, conduct a thorough research about its lifespan, amount of time it can be used efficiently before it requires a replacement. If a flash doesn’t fire well at full power, then it would affect the lighting of the photo and offer you an unusable picture.


Besides the many shortcomings, another notable limitation with pop-up flashlights is that they are fixed and can’t move. They point in the forward direction and can’t be moved together with the camera. Therefore, the light being produced can’t be bounced or controlled as per the wish of the photographer. That’s why it’s vital to check the flexibility of the flash system before buying it. If the head of the flash lamp you purchase doesn’t move, title, or angled up/down, that affects the purpose of using the flash. The flash lamp is utilized to bounce light around, reflect it off various surfaces. If the flash doesn’t have control, then using it will be a waste of time.

Therefore, it boils down to what you are comfy with when purchasing a flash, based on your usage requirement and budget. You can start with the basic manual flash lamp, and the moment you begin understanding the usage of the flash lamps, you can upgrade. Currently, the third-party flashes are almost on par with brands like Nikon and canon. So, nothing should stop you from capturing great images despite your budget.

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